Marc Marquez confirms his return... to tests: 'I will ride on Tuesday'

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Marc Marquez is close to returning to MotoGP and will do so, he assured, this coming tuesday the 6th return to his RC213V in Misano for the category tests in San Marino. The spaniard detailed his situation and assured that he had a medical order and that he is '100%' cured on his bone, although in terms of muscle he still has long weeks of work ahead of him.

The former world champion is in Misano following the events closely, and asked if he could drive like he did in the past, the spaniard was clear: 'Not now. It's true that the rehabilitation is going well but on the other hand the timings are the timings, and two weeks ago I wasn't even pushing myself in the gym, I was working with elastics and then, in the last week and a half I started to increase the load a lot at the gym but the muscles require their time and especially, more than the muscles, I was also riding and living for a year and a half with an arm with 34 degrees of rotation and now I have to readapt some movements, even in the normal life, and also in riding'.

However, although the recovery is going well, Marquez says that, according to the doctors who have been following him, only in winter will he be able to take the last step in his rehabilitation:

- I need to readapt some movements to understand how to be well. The muscles too, I feel some «stretching» where it is not normal. Everything is progressing well but I need time and the doctors told me that maybe in winter I will take the final step. The important thing is that I have an acceptable level to start riding a bike but not in the way I want. I still have a long way to go.

Afterwards, Marc Marquez explained that health professionals gave him «the certainty» that his bone is healed: 'If I'm here, and my intention is to test on tuesday - wednesday, I don't know, it depends on how I feel when I get up - it's because the doctors told me it's 100% safe. The bone is completely healed and it's a matter of time, of doing kilometers and hours and hours of gym to try to grow the muscles again'.

However, it will take his time, calmly: 'In that transition, sometimes you start pushing, pushing, pushing and for some reason you create more pain in the muscle, in a tendon, and you can't control it. That's why I can't say: «I'm going to take the test and I'm going to race next». I don't know, I have to understand because when I ride the bike on the first day, and then I get up on the second day, I say: «Okay, impossible», but then I ride the bike on the third day and everything was ok. I only rode the bike for two days. Now I have to understand here, with a MotoGP bike, where I am'.

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