'In my position you can't be everyone's friend, not even the riders' - Livio Suppo

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Livio Suppo arrived in 2022 and has taken up the duties of Team Manager at Team Suzuki Ecstar. The Italian has previously worked at Honda and Ducati and was one of those responsible for Casey Stoner and Marc Márquez becoming champions in MotoGP.

Recently Suppo, who has been out of MotoGP since the end of the 2017 season, spoke to pecinogp.com where he was asked how he describes himself as a Team Manager. In the Italian's eyes, a Team Manager has to look after a structure from a multitude of perspectives including financial, as Suppo seeks to manage a team as if it were something he created himself.

'Since my time in Honda and then in Ducati and then in Honda HRC, I’ve been always trying to manage the things like it was my own team, like I was the team owner not the team principal, manager, or whatever you want to call it. It means managing the financial part, the salary of the riders, the mechanics, or the general expenses. I always tried to think I was running my own business and therefore you try to do the best,' he replied.

Precisely because of his position, Suppo believes it is detrimental to be friends with everyone in a team, including the riders: 'I like to have a good environment, even if my reputation is not like that. Of course, you cannot be friends with everybody, especially in the position I am in. Another thing that I always try to do is not become friends with the rider. I think in the team manager position, you need to always have a balance between having a good relationship with the rider but avoid being too close to him, for obvious reasons,' he said before explaining:

- Because sooner or later, the rider or the company would like to change and if you have a friendship, it’s more difficult. You become less objective. So, I think it’s good to have a good relationship while trying to avoid becoming friends with the riders.

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