'I didn’t ride a bike for five months and Yamaha called me; I nearly crashed at the pitlane'-Cal Crutchlow in his return

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Cal Crutchlow left MotoGP at the end of 2021 but returned months later to the paddock, replacing Franco Morbidelli. The return however didn't happened in the most smooth way, as he confessed, while remembering also why he left the category.

In a podcast to Geraint Thomas Cycling Club, Crutchlow recalled many episodes of his career, also explaining why he quit from the motorcycle queen class as a full time rider: 'I’m retired from racing. After ten years in MotoGP, probably 20 years of racing sort of full time, I had enough of competing, of travelling and better all around the world and with the stress that being off the track brings along'.

His current role, he admits, still gives him the best vibes: 'I still love riding a motorcycle so I am still riding actively a MotoGP bike for Yamaha has factory test rider. I still get my kick and my buzz of riding a MotoGP bike but I don’t have to compete. [...]'.

Then the british recalled his return to MotoGP, with the experience not starting as it should, with him almost falling right at the beginning:

- This season [of 2021] I didn’t ride a bike for five months, a motorcycle at all, literally didn’t seat on a bike and then they rang me and say: «You got to race», so I thought «So this is going to be quite funny» because it’s like, not racing for five months and then you have to race in the best race in the world. It was exactly like that, I got on the bike and nearly crashed in pitlane. It was a wake up call but it’s funny how you get back that rush feeling. I pulled out in the pitlane, accelerated and nearly passed out, so I thought it was going to be a wake up call, and the next lap at 330km/h down the straight and you get used to it again. It’s a strange feeling [...].

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