Casey Stoner points his finger to Race Direction:'The worst thing that happened to MotoGP was that extra run-off area'

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Casey Stoner is this weekend in Portimão with the rider giving a press conference just dedicated to him last friday, and in which he spoke about many difference matters, including the safety of riders, which has vastly marked this year.

Asked by Motorcycle Sports about the safety levels in the Moto3 category, taking into account the respective technical aspects, the two-time world champion defends that there was a need for an improvement in sports regulations for the situation to improve. In addition, the australian believes that the asphalt escape routes have provided conditions for riders to take more risks when they are in competition or in pursuit.

'It's a difficult subject with the young riders. I think the support needs to come more from the Race Direction. There needs to be a little more either clarity or definitive decisions on riding, because there have no issues for so many years and now there is all this leeway. There is no edge of the track anymore, it just keeps going… It is limited by some green paint and that doesn't help the situation. People have no fear anymore because there is no edge of the track. When there was grass, everyone was kinda checking here they were, while now is like 'Hey, I got past him and it doesn't matter, he run off the track but there is plenty of track there', he began to say.

The former rider continued and pointed his finger at the changes that were made to the tailpipes by moving back or canceling the grass portions, leaving space for an asphalt tailpipe:

- I think everyone needs to learn to have a little more respect for each other. I don't think it's just the young riders causing this. I've a lot of more mature and more experienced riders still doing the same. I think it all stands from the penalties and punishments, maybe not being harsh enough and maybe not being definitive and clear enough. […] For me, the worst thing that happened to motorcycle racing was that extra run-off. There is no edge of the track, no limit, and I think that makes harder to contain everyone inside.

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