'I still take infiltrations for inflammation and painkillers to support a race' - Marc Márquez

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The injury contracted in the first Jerez race of 2020 still affects Marc Márquez and his days of training and competition on track. In an interview with El País, the Spaniard spoke about the recovery process and the time that passed between the three operations he performed last year.

In addition, the eight-time world champion said that the differences in performance between races is something that takes a big part on his psychological state.

'It's been so much time and it was all so long and time-consuming. And it was especially hard because of the unease of not knowing what was going to happen, not having the situation under control; of going to one place and being told they didn't know what was going on, that the bone didn't consolidate and they didn't know why; of going to another [doctor] and being told the arm was fine to do a normal life. They told me that you had to wait: one month, two months and I still had the same feeling. And I couldn't just reopen the arm. All that uncertainty causes that feeling of discomfort. To come back and see that there really is a physical limitation was also a disappointment. I thought about coming back and I would have liked to come back like you come back after other injuries: you come back, you feel a bit of discomfort for a few races, but you keep going. But to be like that for a whole year, to come back to race and see that you are doing better one race, but the next race you take a step back and you don't know why. All of that weighs on you psychologically,' he declared.

Asked if he has got over this discomfort Márquez was clear:

  • 'I'm gradually getting free of it, but it's still present. Because I don't ride the way I want to and my objective, even if I don't ride like I used to, is to ride in an acceptable way, to feel myself, to crash and understand why. Now I fall and it is because I make beginner's mistakes. Sometimes I change my position on the bike without realising it because I'm tired. I've never spent so many hours in physio as this year and also as last year. And I'm still there with infiltrations for inflammation, with painkillers to be able to stand a race. All of that is a worry ,that I don't want to have on a race weekend.

Marc Márquez confirmed that he is still limited in his training between races:

  • Yes, as soon as I make an effort [I feel the inflammation]. If I rest for three days I'm fine. It's fine for a normal life, but as soon as I exercise a bit more, either in the gym or on the bike, the pain comes. And that changes my character. Today I'm happy and I laugh because it's OK, but I'm not the same every day. Now I can't go on the bike as much: between Grand Prixs I go one day; if I can, two. Before, I didn't leave the bike between two races.

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