Should I Use Hot or Warm Water To Melt the Ice on My Windshield?

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It's winter and it never fails—you're running late for work, and, of course, your windshield is coated with ice. So, you want to remove the ice as quickly as possible, right?

Friends and the internet have all sorts of tricks for clearing ice from your windshield.

And you might even be tempted to try some of those shortcuts that you've heard, like pouring warm or even hot water on your windshield to help melt the ice.

Well, you don't need to have a thorough understanding of thermodynamics to know that using hot or warm water on an ice-cold windshield is a terrible idea.

The experts at BestRide explain why you shouldn't try this trick to save you the time and effort of scraping your windshield.

According to the experts, when the hot or warm water makes contact with your ice-cold windshield, the hot or warm glass expands rapidly. On top of that, the glass also expands unevenly.

And when the hotter areas that expanded meet the cooler areas that didn't expand, you end up with a big old crack in the glass, which is exactly what you don't want to happen.

So, don't risk expensive damage to your vehicle by trying a trick to save you time and energy.

Instead, plan in advance for dealing with an icy windshield.

Allow more time for your defrosters to do the work, or put some time and muscle into the job and scrape your windshield yourself.

Both of these options are less expensive and inconvenient than a cracked or shattered windshield.

Until next time, drive carefully and stay safe out there.

Do you have any tricks for quickly and safely clearing ice from your windshield?

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