Should You Use 4WD When Driving on Icy Roads?

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Driving on snow and ice-covered roads is a skill you improve on with experience.

Pretty much all drivers know that 4WD (4 wheel drive) helps your vehicle cruise through deep snow, but does 4WD help you drive on ice? Or does 4WD provide you with a false sense of security on slick pavement?

The experts at 4 Wheel Drive Guide offer the following guidelines to help us understand if 4WD can give us a safer driving experience as we navigate icy roads.

4WD is meant to improve your control and traction in low traction conditions like icy roads.

According to the experts, if you feel that your vehicle is losing traction, you should engage 4WD.

4WD is a pretty simple concept. 4WD works by sending power to all four wheels. Your front wheels are always pulling while your rear wheels are always pushing.

So, when power is sent to all four wheels, this helps to improve your vehicle's traction. And better traction is exactly what you need when driving on ice.

But remember, 4WD doesn't improve your cornering or braking ability. And having 4WD also doesn't mean that it's safe to drive faster and brake later than if you didn't have 4WD. You will still need to use the same degree of caution that you always use when you drive in bad weather.

So, drive slower and stay farther away from the vehicle in front of you. And allow extra time to stop on slippery pavement—even with 4WD.

That's advice from the experts about using 4WD when driving on icy roads. 4WD gives you that extra traction you need to reach your destination safely.

Remember, stay safe and be careful out there.

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