Does Wind Chill Affect My Vehicle?

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We know that the cold affects our vehicles, but what about when we add wind to the mix? Does the wind chill have any effect on your car?

When it's cold out and windy, to us humans, it feels colder than if there were no wind. But cars don't "feel" the wind, so what does wind chill do to your vehicle, if anything?

First, let's make sure that we know what we're talking about when we talk about wind chill.

According to the experts at the National Weather Service, wind chill is how cold people and animals feel when they are outside.

So, wind makes it feel much colder than the outdoor temperature actually is because of the heat we lose from our exposed skin caused by the cold combined with wind. As we stay in the cold, the wind draws heat from our bodies, decreasing our skin temperature and eventually decreasing our internal body temperature as well.

Since your vehicle isn't a living creature, your car won't "feel" the wind chill at all.

But, according to the experts at Environment Canada, if you were to stop your car and open the hood, the engine would cool more quickly if it is windy out.

And, also, on a windy day, if your car's radiator is exposed to the wind, it can take longer for your vehicle to reach its operating temperature.

So, the only effect that the wind chill will have on your vehicle is the amount of time it will take for your car or truck to cool. However, the ability of your car to start is not affected by wind chill.

So, although your vehicle's temperature will cool faster due to the wind chill, your car still won't get colder than the outside temperature. So, if it's 30 degrees outside and the wind chill makes it feel like 15 degrees, your car won't cool below the outdoor temperature of 30 degrees.

That's wind chill and your car in a nutshell.

Drive carefully and stay safe out there.

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