Should You Buy a Used Car From a Dealer or a Private Party?

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Deciding to buy a used vehicle can be an excellent decision, especially if you are interested in saving some money.

But if you decide to buy a used vehicle, you also need to determine if you are going to buy it from a used car dealer or a private party. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to both.

When it comes to a used car dealer, one of the perks is that the dealer usually takes care of all of the paperwork for you. The dealer conducts these transactions all the time, and they are familiar with what they are doing, so your transactions should go smoothly. That saves you time, effort, and a possible headache.

If you decide to buy from a private party, you will need to make sure that all of the necessary paperwork is completed correctly so that you don't run into problems down the road.

Also, when buying from a used car dealer, the dealer can assist with securing financing, and you might even be able to trade in your current vehicle.

A private party will require the total purchase price before you can drive away in the vehicle that you have your heart set on. So you can likely forget about financing and trades with a private seller.

Finally, a dealer can provide you with a limited warranty on the used vehicle. A limited warranty can help you feel more secure with your purchase, and it can also help protect your investment.

With a private party, the seller will take your money, and once you drive away in their former vehicle, the seller doesn't want to see you again—unless it's to thank them for selling you such a fantastic car.

You also usually have more legal protection when buying a used car from a dealer. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how Lemon Laws and As-Is purchases work where you live.

Although the used car dealer offers many benefits, one of the disadvantages is that the convenience of using a dealer to purchase a used car comes at a price.

Private sellers usually offer their vehicles for sale at a better price and are frequently more willing to negotiate.

The choice that is right for you depends on your particular circumstances. Make sure that your decision is an informed one.

Research the fair price for the vehicle you are interested in, obtain a vehicle history for that particular car, and have a trusted mechanic perform an inspection.

Like they say, knowledge is power.

Drive carefully and stay safe out there.

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