Should You Listen to Music When You Drive?

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Times sure have changed compared to when I first started driving.

Back in the day, all I had in my truck to listen to while cruising around was a crackling AM radio.

Now, we have FM, satellite, apps, and phones, and other devices that store our favorite songs to choose from.

But is it a good idea to have my heavy metal music blaring when I'm driving on a slippery snow-covered road? Or should I keep my '80s power ballads turned down low?

Well, believe it or not, people study these things to provide us with helpful information and keep us safe on the road.

Here's what the experts say about listening to music when you drive.

Research has found that playing your music at a quiet or moderate volume can actually improve alertness and performance while driving. Music played at a quiet or moderate level also helps reduce stress and aggression while driving, which helps to improve your performance on the road.

So, playing quiet to moderately loud music while you drive can be a good thing, according to the experts.

On the other hand, playing music at a louder volume when you are driving can distract you and interfere with your concentration. That's definitely not something that you want.

In addition, the tempo of the music impacts how you drive.

When you listen to faster-paced music, you are more likely to drive fast and make mistakes. This is because listening to music competes with the processing space in the brain and can overwhelm your brain.

So, according to the experts, music with a fast beat isn't a great idea to listen to when you are driving, especially if you tend to put the pedal to the metal.

And for the last bit of research, listening to music while you're driving in a frustrating situation can be distracting.

So, it's probably best to turn off your tunes when you are frustrated, like when you're in heavy traffic or when you aren't familiar with where you are driving. You need to pay extra attention and concentrate in these situations, and music can be a distraction. Don't take the risk.

Based on all of this information, it looks like the safest bet is to play your music nice and low when you are driving and make sure it doesn't have too fast of a beat.

And if you're frustrated or need to pay extra close attention to your driving, it's likely best to cut the music altogether so that you can concentrate.

Well, that's what the experts have to say about driving and listening to your tunes.

Drive carefully and stay safe out there.

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