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DIY Baby Sleeping WreathLory Shuff/Motherhood Unfolding

Looking to create a DIY Baby Sleeping Wreath for your front door? I will be taking you through a step by step process for creating your own SHHHH! Baby Sleeping Wreath. This makes for both an excellent addition to your front door or as a gift for the front door of the new mom in your life.

Have you ever had a delivery person, solicitor, or well-meaning guest wake your baby from a nap? It’s so maddening, especially if you've just laid your baby down or you were really counting on that time.

One day I was so fed up, I stuck a handwritten paper sign over our doorbell to warn people not to knock or ring the bell because baby was sleeping. That paper sign quickly became a godsend and found its permanent place over our doorbell. But, it created bad curb appeal, made our front door look shabby, and I was constantly rewriting it.

Cue the best idea ever!! This SHHHH! Baby Sleeping Wreath is truly the wreath every mama needs! It’s a beautiful home décor piece with great curb appeal AND it has the ultimate purpose: keeping baby sleeping peacefully and allowing mama the break she needs. I know.…see, I told you, you need one!

Let’s jump into how to create it! Before purchasing anything, decide what style you are going for: seasonal, rustic, colorful, modern, etc. As you can see from my inspiration picture, I chose a different design route. Don’t be afraid to customize this project to your own aesthetic!

Now let’s talk materials.
DIY Wreath & MaterialsLory Shuff/Motherhood Unfolding


*I purchased all the following materials from Hobby Lobby, but any craft store will do!

  • 24 Inch Grapevine Wreath
  • 18 Inch x 5 1/2 Inch X ½ Inch thick (or less) Piece of Wood
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 7 small packs of Assorted Florals or 5 larger ones
  • Pliers
  • Lettering, Alphabet Stencil, or Stickers (See note below)

*Note about lettering:
My sign was made with vinyl lettering created by a Cricut machine. However, if you do not have one (I didn’t either but was able to ask my sister to create the lettering with her Cricut, thanks Sis!) then there are still various options available to you.

Purchasing an alphabet stencil pack or purchasing alphabet stickers in various sizes are both easy options and can be found at your local craft store or on amazon. If you are confident in your lettering ability you can even hand paint it or use a fine-tipped paint marker. Don’t let this part discourage you! Pick whatever option sounds the most doable, roll up those sleeves, and start DIY-ing!


Figure out what type of lettering technique you will be using and create your sign. Center it on your piece of wood and make sure it fits within the wreath base without being cut off.
Building a DIY WreathLory Shuff/Motherhood Unfolding

Next, take your piece of wood and GENTLY wedge it between the grapevines to secure it in place. Your sign should sit in the middle of the wreath. If you would like some additional support, turn your wreath and sign over and carefully apply some hot glue between the back of the sign and the grapevine strands. Note that a good wedge should be all you need to keep your sign secure.
Building a DIY Baby Sleeping WreathLory Shuff/Motherhood Unfolding

Next, lay out your florals and play around with the placement on your wreath base. If you purchased dried boxwood leaves like me or another type of base floral such as greenery, vines, garland, etc I recommend laying that down first before getting into the accent florals.

*If you are using greenery or a thick floral, consider breaking apart some of the branches so you can work with smaller pieces and build it out slowly. This will avoid your wreath looking clumpy and it will help with better adhesion.

Next, you will need to trim or snap the stems of your florals so you are left with about a 2-3 inch stem. If you are working with florals that have a wire stem, you will want to use pliers. Leaving a 2-3 inch stem will allow you enough of an anchor to adhere it to the wreath but not enough to poke out of the back.

Once you have an idea of placement, it is time to apply the florals with hot glue. First, apply glue to your stem. Then, find a spot that you can wedge the stem base in between the grapevines. Once you have secured your placement, make sure your stem base that has the glue on it is making contact with multiple vines so it is properly secured. Repeat until you have used all of your florals.


  • Go slowly when building out your wreath. Don’t work on one specific area too long. Consistently jump around to various spots, so your work comes out evenly.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the leftover hot glue strings and actively remove them as you work. Your finished product will be much cleaner and look more professionally done.
  • When you are placing your florals, the overall aesthetic is up to you, but the strongest design will NOT be symmetrical. Meaning, if you placed a large flower on one side of your sign, resist doing so on the other side. Think about balance but do not match your placement on either side of the wreath. Trust me, your design will be stronger, and it will look more natural.
  • If you have small areas that still need a little bit of coverage and/ or you want to add a little more dimension to your wreath, I recommend adding dried lavender. Combine a few sprigs, and trim them in half (purposely keeping them long) and stick them throughout the edge of your wreath, keeping them in the same direction. This will help to make your wreath look larger, fuller, and more whimsical.

That’s it! Once you’ve tackled how you are going to create your sign in the center of the wreath and you pick out your florals, the project goes really quickly. After getting materials, I was able to create this project over two days during the kiddos naptime (one nap for the sign and one for the wreath). I should also mention that M]materials all in, this cost about $45.00 dollars to make. This could vary depending on what you find on sale or if you already own some of the materials. I already had the wood and hot glue gun.

Have fun creating your own SHHHH! Baby Sleeping Wreath, it truly is the wreath every mama needs in her life! If you have any questions about the DIY process, be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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