I'm in Red Hook, Brooklyn with General Ocky: are his sandwiches the bomb?

In case you didn't know, I'm also on Tik Tok and my name is the same! "Mostly Healthy Food Reviews!" For a few months now, I've been following a guy who goes by the name, "General Ocky" (Rah_Money1). He works at a Bodega in Red Hook, Brooklyn New York and besides being known for his catchphrases, he's also known for his delicious, sometimes zany, grilled sandwiches! I'm intrigued: can he make me a grilled sandwich off his grill that is more healthy than others? Let's find out at 6pm est, ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Red Hook Food Corp 603 Clinton Street Brooklyn NY 11231 https://tiktok.com/rah_money1 #theockyway#generalock#ock#nevanevaneva$honstfoodreviews#mostlyhealthyfoodreviews

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A very friendly, honest look at sometimes healthier options of foods and drinks from your favorite food establishments. "if it's good, I'm gonna talk about it. If it's NOT, I'm gonna talk about it!" :)

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