Betzy's Latin Flavors Food Truck: will it bring the SPICE to Bridgeport's Jazz Fest?

This year, I decided to give back and help spread the word about the Second Annual Bridgeport Jazz Fest being held on McLevy Green, Saturday August 27, 2022. It should be a safe, relaxed, awesome time with a lot of great music and of course, FOOD! This week, I've decided to stop by three of the food trucks that both David Daniels and Amy Cabrera will have in attendance this year. First up? Betzy's Latin Flavors! I'm going to have to travel a little to get to her location since she'll be at the Trumbull Farmers Market today, but I'm ready. Question is: is her food as good as aloof these 5 star reviews are giving it? Is it worthy of being at the Jazz Fest this year? Find out at 6pm est ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Betzy's Latin Flavors Know anyone that might be interested in becoming a LIVE DONOR for someone like ME in need of a Kidney? Check out my NEW Microsite for Kidney transplant information! ** ``````

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