So THIS is what is happening during my Day 3 battle with COVID 19!

I've gotten through my first "Covid 19 Weekend", dealing with lots of issues that come with having Covid 19. Extreme lethargy, fever, loss of taste and smell, no appetite and loss of sleep. I've managed to make it through and I'm sending this message to everyone that has kept me in prayer, sent kind words and thoughts all over my social media. Thank you from the bottom of the heart! Now, I'm still fighting an uphill battle, but I'm determined to get better! be patient, I'm on my way back as soon as I can...after all, I do have a BIRTHDAY coming up January 20th! **Know anyone that might be interested in becoming a LIVE DONOR for someone like ME in need of a Kidney? Check out my NEW Microsite for Kidney transplant information! **

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