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New Scam Circulating Morristown & Morris Township

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According to the Morris Township Police, a new scam where a caller tells people their loved one is injured or arrested and demands money to help is circulating around Morristown & Morris Township.


An unknown caller rings your phone. They tell you your loved one, by name, is injured and/or arrested and in need of your help. The caller tells victims that they must send money or meet the caller and exchange payment in order to assist the loved one “in need.”

And it’s all a lie.

This new scam has been circulating around Morristown and Morris Township as of late, according to the Morris Township Police Department.

The Morris Township Police issued a warning last Friday, July 15, about this ubiquitous new scam hitting Morristown and Morris Township residents.

Officers are asking residents to “take all steps to confirm that the information you have been told is correct.

The Morris Township Police ask before you meet anyone or send money, that you contact your family and friends and try to determine where your loved ones are and if the person in question is really in need of help. Next, the Morris Township Police suggest you contact your local police department if you determine the call was fraudulent.

Look out for common red flags that usually accompany this scam such as the caller asking you to pay a certain way, such as cash only or gift cards – this should be a red flag. If the caller sends someone to meet you, this is another red flag that indicates you are being scammed.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of fraud you can report the scam to your local police department, or the FTC online or by phone at 1-877-382-4357, or call the National Elder Fraud Hotline at 833-FRAUD-11.

Additional note: The Office of Victims of Crime, which runs the National Elder Fraud Hotline, has received reports of a scam in which scammers are claiming to be from the National Elder Fraud Hotline and threatening to file suits against the phone call recipient. In some instances, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is requested. You should never provide PII, such as a social security number, or money in response to these false claims.

If you have received a scam phone call, email, or message, you may report it to the FTC online or by phone at 877-FTC-HELP. After reporting the incident to the FTC, please contact the Hotline listed above (833-FRAUD-11) so the Office of Victims of Crime can track the frequency with which this scam is occurring.


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