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Morristown Shade Tree Commission Needs Your Help at Jacob Ford Park

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Morristown Shade Tree Commission Needs Your Help Cutting Back Invasive Vines Strangling the Trees of Jacob Ford Park.

To save the trees and forested area of Jacob Ford Park, the Morristown Shade Tree Commission needs a volunteer group, which Morristown Shade Tree Commission will train, to cut back invasive vines so that they do not reach the park trees and kill them.

Right now, the Porcelain Berry vine is overtaking the trees in Jacob Ford Park and in the forested area of the park. As the vine grows (at 25 feet a year) it chokes the trees, moving from one to the other over the top of them, blocking the sun and twisting into the branches.

Morristown Shade Tree Commission’s goal is to keep the Porcelain Berry vine and other invasive vines off of the trees of Jacob Ford Park until the commission can irradicate them and reforest.

Our park trees are being engulfed and choked and killed by invasive vines. We need to keep them cut back until we find the resources to replace and replant the area.

This volunteer group will meet once a month at Jacob Ford Park, and depending on the number of people, for 1-2 hours.

If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to:

Kristin Ace, Chairperson of the Morristown Shade Tree Commission


Paula Zimin, Secretary of the Morristown Shade Tree Commission at:


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