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Multi-state Kidnapping, Assault, & Arson Rampage

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A Federal Judge has convicted Luis Figueroa, of Bronx, NY, of engaging in a violent, multi-state crime spree where he sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend, pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs, and set a car dealership on fire.

On the morning of June 6, 2014, Luis Figueroa, armed with a shotgun, waited outside the Hazleton, Pennsylvania, apartment of his former girlfriend. The moment she stepped out the door he whacked her in the face with the butt of his gun and said, “I told you I was going to kill you.”

Figueroa then forced his way into the apartment, finding a family with young children and a woman 8-months pregnant. He attacks them, knocking the pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. Another family member sneaks Figueroa’s and the ex-girlfriend’s young child into a bedroom to shield them from the violence.

Threatening to shoot, Figueroa then leads his former girlfriend at gunpoint to a red SUV, where he forced her into the backseat, then drove across state lines into New Jersey.

Figueroa came to a stop at the Kittatinny Point Visitor’s Center, located on federal property, and sexually assaulted his captive.

The victim was then able to convince Figueroa to dispose of the shotgun, and when he went to do so, climbed into the driver’s seat of the red SUV and drove away to safety.

When Figueroa returned, no gun in hand, to see his hostage gone along with the car, he approached a National Park Service employee and forced them into a nearby storage room, where he slammed the employee’s head against the door and threaten violence if he did not hand over the keys to his car.

Armed with a new car, Figueroa drove to Paterson, New Jersey, to a car dealership operated by a business associate of Figueroa’s. Figueroa asked an employee of the dealership for a portable gas container to fill at the nearby gas station. The employee provided one, which Figueroa promptly filled at a nearby gas station, and returned to the dealership where he doused the office in gasoline.

After a brief struggle with employees, Figueroa ignited a match and set the building ablaze, engulfing the entire structure and setting himself on fire in the process.

Figueroa fled from the building, putting out the flames on his body, and took off in a new stolen vehicle.

Law enforcement eventually spots Figueroa in the stolen car driving erratically towards the George Washington Bridge heading into New York.

Figueroa continued to lead law enforcement vehicles on a high-speed chase ending when Figueroa rammed his car into multiple police vehicles, injuring an officer.

Figueroa managed to exit the wrecked vehicle and flee on foot, but he didn’t make it far. Police had Figueroa in custody shortly thereafter.

Luis Figueroa, of Bronx, NY, is now facing life in prison, and a fine of over $1 million. Sentencing is scheduled for September 8, 2022.
Luis Figueroa, Bronx, NYMorris County Prosecutor's Office


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