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The Bud Bus, Free Weed in Morristown?

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On 4/2/2022, The Bud Bus was parked in front of Tiff’s Grill and Ale House in Morris Plains, NJ giving away “free weed” with purchases of “other” items.


Recreational cannabis has yet to find its legal way to New Jerseyans, but a popup, food truck-like service is skirting around the law to provide recreational weed to customers.

The Bud Bus was formed in 2021 in the State of New Jersey as a legal party bus business. The bus gives away cannabis products with every purchase from their truck. In this way, they navigate around the ever-changing and developing cannabis laws without drawing the attention of authorities.

“Bud Bus Company Inc. was formed in August 2021, in the State of NJ. We are a 100% legal business, operating all over the state. We believe we have the best party bus in the NY/NJ area! We have accomplished filling a void! Now, everyone, everywhere, can enjoy the gifts we have to offer. As the laws keep evolving and changing, The Bud Bus Company Inc. is fully up to date on all the changes. With the guidance of our legal team, and CPA firm, we hope to service you anywhere and everywhere! With every purchase from our truck, you will receive a free gift, as our thank you!” – Bud Bus Inc.

The Bud Bus offers a free cannabis gift with every purchase. They sell a long list of items, from air fresheners, to tee shirts, to lighters, and more.

Of course, the prices don’t exactly match the product you pay for, but the Bud Bus makes up for it.

Purchase a lighter or air freshener for $50, and receive one free gift of your choice from the following options:

  1. Bag of cannabis totaling 3 grams
  2. Bag of Bud Bus gummies
  3. 1 gram vape cartridge
  4. 2 pre-rolls (1.5 grams each)
  5. 3 pieces of chocolate (50 mg each)
  6. 1 gram of shatter, crumble, or wax

Is this legal?

Surprisingly, yes. In the State of New Jersey, possession of cannabis in amounts up to six ounces (per person) is legal, as long as the person is 21+. But remember, Bud Bus is not selling cannabis, they sell lighters, air fresheners, tee shirts, and more (at high prices) and “gift” or give away cannabis products as a gift for buying their other products.

Can I purchase cannabis from the Bud Bus?

Technically, no. But you can buy an air freshener for $50 and get some cannabis as a “gift.” So you may as well be buying it.

Two more important points:

  1. The Bud Bus only accepts cash, Venmo, and PayPal
  2. You don’t need a medical card to get the cannabis “gift” with your purchase, you just have to produce a valid ID showing you are 21-years or older.

Let us know what you think about the Bud Bus. Will you order the Bud Bus for your next party or event? Do you think this type of service should be legal in the state given the current delays to set up recreational dispensaries? Let us know in the comments below.


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