District Installs External School Bus Cameras to Catch Reckless Drivers

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Vehicles speeding by school buses unloading children have prompted the Mount Olive School District to install external cameras on their buses to catch these reckless drivers.

Nearly all drivers in the Morris County area are likely to have seen a car speed around an unloading school bus putting the driver and children at risk of injury or death.

Mount Olive School District has heard the concerns of parents, and for the last six months has implemented a pilot program where four of the district’s school buses were fitted with external cameras.

The compact cameras are installed under the swinging “STOP” arm on buses and are constantly recording. A bus driver who sees a vehicle passing while the “STOP” arm is out can press a button on the dash to get a picture of the vehicle's license plate. The picture and video are then sent to the Director of Security for Mount Olive School District, James Carifi. Carifi then takes the next step to petition for a summons of the vehicle’s driver and the driver will later be asked to appear in court.

Violators will receive a $300 fine and points on their license.

Mount Olive School District’s Superintendent Robert Zywicki said that the district plans to equip the rest of Mount Olive’s 72 buses with external cameras by the end of this month (January 2022).

The move to install external cameras was met with encouraging support from the Board of Education and parents of students. Zywicki added, “it would be great if every district did this.” The extra security enables schools to hold reckless drivers accountable and deter drivers from passing a stopped bus.

Is it time for the rest of Morris County’s school districts to implement external school bus cameras? Have you seen a driver speed past a stopped, unloading school bus? Let us know what you think our schools should do to protect our children.


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