FBI Searches NJ Landfill for Remains of Jimmy Hoffa 46 Years Later

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In July of 1975, infamous Teamster labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa mysteriously disappeared on a day where he was scheduled to have a meeting with New Jersey mob boss Anthony Provenzano (AKA Tony Pro). The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa captivated the nation for 46 years and was even the subject of Martin Scorsese's 2019 film "The Irishman."

After the deathbed confession of former landfill owner Frank Cappola, the FBI on October 25th and 26th surveyed a former New Jersey landfill, once condemned as an environmental disaster with underground chemical fires burning non-stop, for the body of Jimmy Hoffa. Cappola claims that in 1975 when he was just 15, "a black limousine drove into our lot in the mud," and several "unidentified men" exited and gave instructions to Cappola's father and another site worker. It was not until 2008 when Cappola's father offered his own deathbed confession that Frank Cappola fully understood what had happened that day. According to Cappola, his father was ordered to take Jimmy Hoffa's body and squeeze it into a steel drum, then bury it deep underground on the outskirts of their lot. Cappola's father reportedly used an excavator to dig a large, deep hole just outside the boundary of the landfill. Hoffa's body was then crammed headfirst into a 55-gallon steel drum and buried at the bottom of the hole. Cappola's father then added 15-30 chemical drums on top of Hoffa's body and capped it off with chunks of dirt and brick.

The FBI visited the site with a search warrant in 1975 but left empty-handed, unsure where to dig. By 1983 the site had become hazardous due to underground chemical fires and was labeled a Superfund site (a polluted area requiring long-term action to clear hazardous contaminates). Thousands of barrels were dug up and transported to different locations. In recent years the lot was converted into Skyway Park, a lush green oasis along the Hackensack River. Despite construction and excavation to build Skyway Park and clear contaminates, Hoffa's body was never found. The FBI's October survey was part of the process to decide whether to excavate the site once more in search of the body of Jimmy Hoffa.








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