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Fake COVID Tests in NJ and How to Spot the Scams

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December 3, 2020, the FBI raided Infinity Diagnostics laboratory in Jersey City at 6715 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, NJ. The FBI claimed that the Infinity Diagnostics Jersey City location provided fake COVID antibody tests and active virus COVID tests administered by finger-prick to hundreds of people. According to Jodie Kirsch, a New York City resident who was tested at Infinity's Ventnor location, the laboratory did not accept credit cards and required payment through cash or Venmo at $75 per test.

Now, nearly a year later, lawyers for victims of this scam have gotten preliminary court approval for a settlement between victims and Infinity Diagnostics. The settlement would offer a full $75 refund to those who can provide proof, such as a receipt, of receiving the fake test and $37.50 for those victims without proof of a test. As part of the settlement, Infinity Diagnostics takes no responsibility for the false tests and denies any wrongdoing. Final court approval for the settlement could happen as early as January 21st in a court hearing scheduled for that day. Attorney's for the victims of this scam believe that around 400 people are eligible for compensation based on the results of the settlement. Once approved, payments should be sent out to the victims in 60-90 days. The U.S. Attorney General's office confirms that no charges have been filed against Infinity Diagnostics.

Antibody tests identify if a patient has contracted COVID-19 in the past and has fought off the disease, i.e. has antibodies. To test for active COVID-19 cases only a nasal swab or saliva test can diagnose current cases of COVID-19. 

The FDA released the following video to educate the public on the types of tests available for COVID-19:

The FBI asks anyone who was recently tested with a finger prick blood test at Infinity Diagnostics, or any other location, to contact them at Your response is voluntary and some may be contacted later for more information. 

To ensure you are receiving an authentic COVID-19 test visit the Health and Human Services website of the U.S. government for a list of reputable locations where you can receive a COVID-19 test at little to no cost. Be wary of any location that charges high amounts for COVID tests or uses a testing procedure for active cases that does not include a nasal swab or saliva. For most locations in New Jersey, patients can receive a COVID test at no cost. If you do see a large bill, contact your insurance, for they are likely to reimburse you for all or most of the cost. Medicare patients can get reimbursed for up to $143 per diagnostic test, depending on the type of test and the speed of test processing. 

For more information on COVID-19 tests go to

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