Gas Prices on the Rise and the Cheapest Places to Fill Up in NJ

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US Average Gas Prices by YearMathilde Carlier, Sep 10, 2021

Gas prices in NJ are about a dollar and twenty cents higher today than they were one year ago. The average price of gas in NJ has risen in measure with the nation's average gas prices; nationally prices rose by a dollar and twenty-one cents. NJ gas prices since 2005 were on average nearly 9% more than the national average. Today NJ gas prices stand about 1.7% over the national. So given the rise in gas prices nationally, NJ is actually fairing quite well.

For a variety of reasons, gas prices have been on the rise all over the U.S.A. In July, USAToday reported on the lack of qualified oil tank drivers making getting gasoline out to stations and customers much more difficult and thus raising prices. Just two weeks ago, reported on the steady NJ gas prices despite a national drop. According to NJ1015, when the gas tax decreased October first, many stations had already filled their underground inventory tanks with gasoline for which they had already paid a higher rate. As a result, when the gas tax dropped, many NJ gas stations held their prices.

"Gas prices throughout New Jersey remain at the highest levels of 2021, despite the recent decrease in the gas tax and seasonal shift to winter-blend fuels," said Tracy Noble, manager of public and government affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Noble also noted the high price of crude oil and high demand for gas as a probable reason for the general rise of gas prices in recent years throughout the United States.
Average gas prices by $/MMBtuData captured from

In NJ, the average gas price is about $3.43 compared to a current national average of about $3.38. For Morris County residents, we have some bad news; Morris County is one of the most expensive places to purchase gasoline coming in at a current daily average of $3.46. Unfortunately, the most expensive places to purchase gasoline are in Morris, Essex, Somerset, and Hunterdon Counties. The good news, two of the cheapest places to get gas in NJ are in Sussex and Warren counties just north, and west of Morris, respectively.

The cheapest average daily gas prices in NJ are currently in Camden county which comes in at $3.38, a price you will notice is equivalent to that of the national average.
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Regardless of where you fill up in NJ, prices will always be on the high side, and the best we can seem to hope for is to meet the national average at the pump.

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