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Alchemy Bikes' new Ride Experience Center offers trail demos in Golden

Morgan Tilton
Alchemy Bikes opened a new Ride Experience Center in Golden, Colorado.(Photo by Alchemy.)

Alchemy Bikes recently opened doors at its new headquarters in Golden, Colorado. The 8,000-square foot fabrication site features a social hub where cyclists can build community, meet the brand's creators, get a factory tour, demo bikes, and drink beer.

"We designed the shop to really be a place where riders can come be a part of the community. You can see how the bikes are made, meet the people behind the brand, see the showroom, ride the local trails, stop by to talk bikes, and if you want, go on a ride with us," said Alchemy Bikes founder Ryan Cannizzaro.
The Alchemy Bikes Ride Experience Center has a 12-person bar, a sofa, chairs, and deck to lounge.(Photo by Alchemy.)

The Colorado-founded bike manufacturer has designed and built bikes since 2008. The brand's collections now include mountain, road, all-road, gravel, and e-bike designs. As an agile manufacturer, the company offers a range of customization, from complete build-outs to geometric tweaks made on the stock frames.

I joined the company for the center's inaugural week to check out the new hangout, tour the fabrication center, and demo one of their mountain bikes on nearby trails. Here's what you need to know.
The Matthews/Winter Park Trailhead is less than one mile away from the new Alchemy Bikes' headquarters.(Photo by Morgan Tilton.)

Ride Experience Center is a hangout for cyclists

The new Ride Experience Center sits less than a mile from the Matthews / Winter Park Trailhead, which boasts flowy and technical singletrack for mountain bikers. Apex Mountain and Green Mountain riding trails are nearby, too. You can pedal routes at North Table Mountain Park and White Ranch Park a bit further north. The brand nailed its location with regards to on-dirt proximity and access.

Bright, modern, and full of light, the Ride Experience Center is like an art gallery, with bikes displayed instead of paintings and statues. Passersby are naturally drawn in by large windows and garage doors that roll up to the outdoor patio.
The Alchemy Arktos that I demoed - mullet style.(Photo by Morgan Tilton.)

A duo of bicyclists walked across the street from the Launch Coffee Company to check out the scene while I ate a breakfast burrito. Inside, cyclists can sit on the bar stools or sofas, grab water, and enjoy the espresso machine or local brew on tap. Soon, Alchemy Bikes will serve a collaboration beer with Over Yonder Brewing Company, its neighbor across the street.

"I want to have people be able to hang out on the couch and socialize, and to go out on a guided [Alchemy] ride or solo ride from here," said Cannizzaro.

He added that riders could easily swap to a different size bike during a demo, thanks to being so close to the trails. The previous 12,000-square-foot headquarters sat near the Cherry Creek Regional Trail, a popular paved bike route. But if people wanted to demo the brand's mountain bikes, they had to drive to the foothills.
Cyclists can lounge indoors and outside on the deck at the new Alchemy Bikes' headquarters.(Photo by Morgan Tilton.)

Along with a dozen or so other outdoor industry journalists, I was paired with a mountain bike and fitted by a specialist to optimize the demo. For the group session, I took out an Alchemy Arktos—mullet style with a 27.5-inch wheel in the front and a 29er wheel in the back.

The ride from the center to the Matthews / Winter Park Trailhead was a short, easy warmup. We hopped on rolling singletrack for a 6-mile figure-eight loop with a moderate 1,000 vertical feet of ascent. Fortunately, we had cloud coverage, but I definitely guzzled all of my water on that dry summer morning — come prepared with hydration and nutrition if you want to get the most out of your demo!

Afterward, we pulled back up to the sweeping patio to park our bikes, I grabbed some electrolytes and water from the 12-person bar, and we enjoyed a full tour of the fabrication center.
Alchemy Bikes founder Ryan Cannizzaro provides a tour of the fabrication area at the headquarters.(Photo by Morgan Tilton.)

Alchemy Bikes' new fabrication center

As an industry pioneer, Alchemy Bikes is one of the only bicycle brands that manufacture products in the United States. The boutique company even earned two "Best Carbon Bike" awards at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

To scale up its mountain bike fleet, the company now works closely with manufacturing sites in Asia, which is the exception. Otherwise, the team hand-builds each piece at the new Ride Experience Center in Golden. Visitors are welcome to meet the makers and check out the manufacturing site.

The craftsman area, framed through a wall of large windows, is visible from the center's social lounge. Above the glass hangs a model of the brand's prized full-suspension carbon-fiber mountain bike frame—the first ever created in the United States—with more than 80 hours of paintwork.
More than 80 hours of paint work went into the brand's prized full-suspension carbon-fiber mountain bike frame that hangs on display.(Photo by Alchemy.)

The workshop includes everything from the engineering and bidirectional carbon layups — during the factory tour, and I picked up a carbon seat stay that felt lighter than my rechargeable toothbrush — to a customized paint work station.

"People often want to match their bike to their vehicle color," said Phillip Harwood, Paint & Production for Alchemy Bikes, while standing in the colorful paint room during a full tour of the fabrication center. He added, "We have a half million color combinations and it's easy to color match."

A 3D printer station is also set up to create a full bike model before materializing the design. (The team used to handcraft molds out of wood!) Upstairs houses the offices, a meeting area, and a total fit station for dialing in the proper metrics for customers.
The 3D printer is used to create bike models before moving into full manufacturing.(Photo by Morgan Tilton.)

Where to go

The Alchemy Bikes Ride Experience Center is located at 18475 West Colfax Ave in Golden, Colorado, up the sidewalk from the Origin Red Rocks Hotel.

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