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Hustle Bike Labs' magnetic bike pedals help adaptive riders

Morgan Tilton
Hustle Bike Labs cofounder Tyler Scott competes in enduro mountain bike races with the brand's magnetic pedal.(Photo by Hustle Bike Labs)

Bicyclists have a love-hate relationship with clipless pedals. Some riders feel hesitant about being able to unclip fast enough while firmly attached to their bike, especially if they need to put their foot down quickly on a trail or while in bustling traffic. Other cyclists prefer the attachment and energy savings on the upstroke.

Hustle Bike Labs, a Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of bike pedals, aims to provide the perfect hybrid solution: a magnetic bike pedal with a secure hold yet easy, quick release. Launched in November 2021, the brand can't keep the pedals on the shelf.

"We're scrambling to get more pedals because the demand has been ticking up like crazy in the last few weeks," said co-founder and professional biker Tyler Scott, based in Colorado Springs.

Founder Craig Payne came up with the concept after a harrowing mountain bike crash that left him hanging off a cliff edge in Moab, Utah. Payne was descending a rock garden with too much speed, lost his balance, and couldn't release his cleat from the pedal fast enough to prevent the tumble.
The Avery REMteach Pedal features extremely powerful neodymium magnets made of rare earth elements.(Photo by Eric Phillips.)

What makes the Avery REMtech Pedal unique

Other magnetic bike pedals exist, including those designed by J-Pedals, Aveta, MagLOCK, and Magped. However, several features make the Hustle Bike Labs' Avery REMtech Pedal unique.

A broad, flat platform shaped like an octagon surrounds a hovering oval insert, which is connected by two spindles and houses two circular rare earth magnets (REM) in the pedal's center. In a patented design, the REM is the strongest permanent magnet on the planet.

Each platform also holds up to 15 adjustable traction pins, like teeth that provide extra grip and stability on the surface. The brand developed two-pin types for riders to mix and match: the traction is a stubby, flat-top shape and the canine is pointier and longer. Fewer pins in place mean the outsole will be easier to rotate and slide off the pedal.

The magnet duo is attracted to a plate called the REMplate, which is compatible with any two-bolt, SPF-specific shoes. Flat-soled footwear with a rubber outsole works best, especially for contact with the pins.
Hustle Bike Labs cofounder Tyler Scott used the magnetic pedals and stood on podium in every 2021 enduro mountain bike race.(Photo by Hustle Bike Labs.)

As proof of concept, Scott raced with the Avery REMtech Pedal in the professional category of the 2021 Southern Enduro Tour. "I podiumed in every single race, and I ended up fourth overall. If you're top three out of everyone and using that pedal system, the community begins to realize and know Hustle," he said.

Additionally, Hustle Bike Labs sponsors professional enduro mountain bike racer and BMX racer Jordan Scheiderich.

Launching an adaptive rider ambassador program

The brand has received outreach from all types of bicyclists and experience levels from beginner to expert, said Scott. E-bikers, gravel grinders, grommets, mountain bikers, and enduro racers alike have invested in the Avery REMtech Pedal.

"If you're a diehard flat pedal rider, this is flats on steroids," said Scott and added, "Our market is widespread but our bread and butter is someone that had a bad experience riding clipless, or someone that wants a connection and doesn't want to commit to clipless."

In particular, Scott has received ongoing messages from adaptive riders. Primarily, those athletes have been below-the-knee and above-the-knee amputees.

"It's been crazy the amount of adaptive athletes that have been reaching out and the positive feedback we've been getting. It is so awesome to see that our product is helping these people that struggled to ride," said Scott.
Adaptive rider Ryan Drayton calls the magnetic pedal "a massive game changer."(Photo by Hustle Bike Labs and Ryan Drayton.)

"I love the Avery. It's opened the door back up for me to ride BMX, dirt jumps, and all sorts of goals. It's been a massive game changer for me. I'm so grateful. I'll be doing loads of videos as soon as my prosthetic leg will allow," said Ryan Drayton, an athlete and biker based in the United Kingdom.

Drayton, who has a below-the-knee amputation, will be among the inaugural athletes to join Hustle Bike Labs' new adaptive athlete program.

Scott said, "Ryan was a hardcore rider before he had an accident. After his amputation, he couldn't clip in, because he couldn't unclip. And with flats, he couldn't stay on. He has been over the moon and so stoked everyday sending us updates about how this pedal design has been life-changing for him."
Hustle Bike Labs will lead community mountain bike rides and demos all summer on Doctor Park trail.(Hustle Bike Labs.)

Demo the Avery REMtech Pedal and meet Hustle Bike Labs

Scott will lead community ride meetups throughout the summer, including demos of the Avery REMtech Pedal.

Mountain bikers will climb and descend Doctor Park, one of the most popular and highly-rated routes in the state, according to MTB Project. The trail sits in the Elk Mountains between Gunnison and Crested Butte. In total, the mileage varies from 10 to 20 miles, depending on whether riders shuttle or ride the county road at the front end.

All riders are welcome to join, and the ride is free. Everyone meets at Campfire Ranch to start, then returns to the campground for cold brews and beverages. Camping out is an option, too. Make a reservation if you plan to stay the night.

The remaining group rides are June 25, July 26, August 13, and September 3.
Hustle Bike Labs cofounder Tyler Scott is also a professional enduro racer and uses the magnetic pedals during events.(Hustle Bike Labs.)

Where to find the Hustle Bike Labs pedals

You can find the Avery REMtech Pedal on the Hustle Bike Labs website. A large volume of pedals will also be available on later this week.

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