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Delicious Pizza in Denver (from a New Yorker)

Morgan LaDuke

People say that pizza in Denver isn't great. As a New Yorker - I get it.

In New York it's easy to waltz into a local pizza shop and have a flavorful, crunchy, cheesy slice of pizza that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. The slices are consistently delicious at every pizza shop on the block. In Denver? Not so much.

However, there are some hidden gems in Denver that I have sought out after craving a classic slice of New York style pizza. One in particular stands out to me: SliceWorks.
Some various pizza slicesMorgan LaDuke

SliceWorks isn't the type of place where you sit down by candlelight to enjoy an artisan wood-fired pizza while smooth jazz plays on the dining room speakers. Nope - it's much more special - and authentic. I can confidently say that SliceWorks is as close to a New York-style pizza as you can get in Denver. The slices are huge, flavorful, and are crunchy but soft at the same time.

SliceWorks has a few locations and all of them are great. You can order an entire pizza for your family (or just yourself if you're feeling it.) Or, as another alternative, walk up to their window of pizza and grab a slice from their many different flavors.

My personal favorite slice is their buffalo chicken pizza. They don't bread their buffalo chicken which tastes a whole lot better than being overwhelmed with greasy breading. Also, the amount of buffalo sauce they use isn't overbearing. My other recommendation is to try a classic cheese slice; it's the best way to appreciate how good their pizza is. If you're feeling spunky, try one of their more unique flavors (such as bacon cheeseburger or jalapeño popper.)

One you get your slice (or two,) grab a seat to chat with friends and family. The environment is welcoming and nice place to relax and chat. Perhaps it's for a late night bite, a casual lunch, or even a well-deserved dinner. This place isn't flashy - but that's what makes it good.

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