3 Simple Bullet Journal Spreads to Create Immediately and Feel 10x More Put Together

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Unless you have relocated to life under a rock, you are probably aware of the Bullet Journal (or BuJo as they are so lovingly called by their fans and users).

This is a simplified way of planning and journaling that wraps the two up together and shakes them into a jumble of mess that is actually incredibly easy to use. The best part is the flexibility for individual adaptation.

You can use it however you like. Plus you have the freedom to get creative. Bullet Journaling isn’t a matter of following rules — even though the original BuJo concept has guidelines you might want to review.

You have the basic habit trackers, the yearly goals, plus the monthly and daily spreads which are essentials. Beyond this, there are other ways you can add to your journal and amp up its usefulness for your everyday life.

1. Gratitude Log

It is nearly 2020. To say things are fast-paced in this society would be an understatement. With that being said, there is little time for people to take a moment to appreciate the seemingly insignificant moments in their life.

Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine does a brilliant job presented a sleek and classy gratitude log. Simply exquisite.

By using a gratitude log, BuJo users are directly inserting a spread that makes them reflect on moments of gratitude in a planner that is otherwise used for… well, planning.

These are relatively simple spreads to create. By using just a bullet structure you have the key component to the gratitude log. Be sure to include dates and from there you can make it as glamorous or minimal as your tastes suggest.

2. A Cleaning Schedule Page

Did you get the new air filter last week? And when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the blinds?

Plus now that you’re thinking about it, have you even gone through your sock drawer since moving in last year? You can’t remember the last time you had a matching pair of socks to wear out.

When life gets busy and time passes, those little things that need to be taken care of — aren’t.

It’s at that point that things start to feel cluttered and you start to get stressed. But by scheduling out an intensive and comprehensive cleaning schedule you can pinpoint the tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally.

3. TBR Pile List

Is your ‘To Be Read’ stack transforming into the Leaning Pile of Pisa?

Using a TBR Pile List spread you are able to keep a visual tracker on your literary consumption. However, if books aren’t your thing you could change out the TBR for TV and create a TV Series Tracker to keep up with your favorite shows.

Book Riot has a great article on bookish-related bullet journal spreads and even shows a shot of a TV Show spread. Definitely take a look if you are considering adding this idea to your BuJo.

Going Beyond with Bullet Journal Spreads

There are plenty more creative designs and incredibly thoughtful spreads put together in the journaling community.

For more information on the official bullet journals, you can head on over to the website that produces an app and product made specifically for this style of planning — http://bulletjournal.com/

However, you don’t need to have a spiffy, specific journal to get started with bullet journaling. A cheap one that can be found in the aisles of a Michael’s or in the dollar section of Target works just as well.

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