4 Simple At-Home Date Night Ideas

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Date night doesn’t have to mean traipsing out on the town. Let’s be honest, getting all dressed up and fighting traffic on a Friday or Saturday night isn’t always appealing. Creating an all-day or short evening date can be done from the comfort of your own home. So if you’d rather stay in your pajamas and cozy up at home with your partner, here are 4 at-home date night ideas to try.


1. Order a Date Box

Best For Busy Couples

Let’s start with possibly the easiest of all the options. Finding a date night box you like curates the experience so neither person is stuck making plannings and bringing the date night together. The date just shows up at your door. At most you may have to run to the store to grab perishables like eggs or milk if the curated date requires cooking.

These boxes come in faith-based, general, and spicier varieties depending on the type of date night you’re looking for. Many of the date box services will curate the experience for your specific tastes. For example, couples with kids or (other) allergies may have their experiences slightly adjusted for a better overall date experience.

Common options for date night boxes include Happily, Date Night In Box, and Crated with Love which come on a monthly basis although one-off box options are available. While date night-specific boxes are great for getting a curated and complete date, couples who have a shared interest may want to go with an alternative subscription box like Shaker & Spoon for the couple who loves trying new cocktails or Hunt a Killer and Escape The Crate for puzzle lovers.

Cost: $20 - $60


2. Set Up a Wine (Or Whiskey) Tasting

Best For Wine Lovers

If you love trying new things and don’t necessarily mind spending money on untried options you may not love, then wine tasting can be a fairly simple activity. The best part of wine tasting is the hunt for another favorite. You never know what you’ll uncover.

Read up on arranging wine tastings before selecting your wines and order. You can make this date extra official with wine placements, a tasting notebook, and a charcuterie board. At the very least you’ll need water, three to six different wines, and wine glasses.

If you decide to have regular wine tastings at home you may want to invest in specific tasting glasses made for the type of wine you’re trying (It completely changes the experience.) and a wine tasting notebook to record your favorites and least favorites.

This can be an interesting activity for couples that are at the beginning of their relationship. You each can present one another with your own curated tasting of your favorite wines, exploring the memories behind them.

Cost: $50 - $100


3. Have a Board Game Night

Best For Low Effort Date Nights

Grab your favorite snacks and a board game and you’re good to go. It’s really that simple. There are an impressive number of board games on the market. If you don’t yet have a favorite or you’re looking for something new, I’d recommend going to an online retailer. The selection online is massive compared to the classic games you’ll find in the kid section of your supermarket.

While games where you go head-to-head can be fun, I’d recommend every couple look into trying a cooperative game. These team you up against a common goal. Pandemic is a great one to get started with.

Cost: Free - $60


4. Plan Your Next Adventure

Best For Short Date Nights

This date can be built into dinner for two. Make your favorite meal together or order take-out if you’re pressed for time. Light candles and set to work planning your next adventure. This can be as vague or as detailed as you like.

Create a date night jar and a date journal together documenting dates you’d like to plan in the future. This is where you can collect a list of all the places in your area you’ve always wanted to visit or eat at. Then, when it comes time to plan, you aren’t both left scraping your memory and the internet for things that interest you.

The most expensive part of this date is dinner, which can be cut down by making something at home. You may also consider buying a guided journal to capture your plans. Things like The Adventure Challenge and Adventures from Scratch can help you along in your planning, although these lend themselves to be more spontaneous in nature.

After you’ve collected a list of the attractions, restaurants, and upcoming events you’d like to attend, pick one and do it that evening.

Cost: Free - $50

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