The Serial Killer That Kidnapped, Tortured, and Beheaded a 6-Year-Old Boy

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Ottis Elwood Toole was born on March 5th, 1947, and was a drifter, an arsonist, and a serial killer. He was on a crime spree that spanned more than twenty years. He killed at least 6 individuals, however he liked to brag it was hundreds.

Toole was raised by a single mother who was abusive and controlling. She was extremely rigorous with Ottis and his 4 sisters. His daddy was apparently an alcoholic who deserted the household when Ottis was a child. He mentioned his mom dressed him up in girls' clothing and called him Susan.
He claimed he had incest with a family member and had actually been sexually abused by a neighbor. Not only that, but he said his granny worshiped Satan. She called Ottis "The Devil's Kid."

He kept fleeing from home and would oversleep abandoned structures. He got sexually excited by starting fires. At a young age, he was classified as developmentally handicapped. He left school and began a life of criminal activity. He couldn't read and had a 75 IQ. To earn money, he was a male woman of the street.

In 1976 he satisfied Henry Lee Lucas in a soup cooking area. Lucas was convicted of eliminating his mother. The 2 males ended up being enthusiasts and serial killers.
Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis TooleMurderpedia

In 1977 Toole married, but his partner rapidly divorced him after discovering he was gay and liked to cross dress.

His Murders

Once convicted, Ottis confessed to his first murder to when he was 15. A traveling salesman who desired Ottis to perform sexually for him. Toole ran him over with the salesman's vehicle.

However, Toole's most popular victim was Adam Walsh, aged 6. This little boy vanished on a hot, bright day in a Shopping Mall in Hollywood, Florida, on July 27, 1981.

His mother wished to buy a lamp and left Adam playing a computer game in Sears. She just left for a short time. When she was done, she went to get him, but she could not find him. She ran around calling out his name and informed the store clerk to call him on the loudspeaker.

But no answer came back. For hours, she frantically browsed the mall, however, there was no trace of Adam. She called the Hollywood Police. They searched everywhere but couldn't find him.

The hour's passed, the store closed and night fell, but still there was no sight of Adam. The family's horror magnified when they realized they may never ever see their child once again.

Two weeks later, hundreds of miles from the house, fishermen found Adam's severed head in a canal near Vero Beach. The rest of his body was never ever recuperated.

Toole confessed to the police that he helped Lucas in 109 murders. However, the Cops never ever found evidence to support his claims. No one understands exactly how many murders he devoted. But the police figured out most of the confessions were lies.

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