7 Ways To Make an Extra $1000 This Month

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You know those months when the budget is pretty tight, or when you’ve been longing after that awesome pair of something you've wanted for a while?

An extra $1000 could really go a long way to making that happen for you. But if your job is one where there’s no opportunity for overtime and you’re set in your wage, or if you don’t have a job and income is limited, making that extra money can be a difficult thing to do.

But there are definitely ways you can do it! There are ways to make an extra $1000 this month that don’t require you to sell your soul, bombard your friends with ‘party’ invites and some of them don’t even require you to leave the house! Winning!

Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one of these ways, make more of an impact on your income by diversifying it. Below are 7 ways you can earn an extra $1000 this month.

1 – Declutter and Sell

I'm a big fan of decluttering, really. It clears my mind, frees up more space in my home to relax and to be creative and it makes me feel more calm. All of those aside though, it also can be a great little money spinner.

Once you start digging into cupboards you haven’t seen the back of in years, you’ll start to find all kinds of ‘treasures’ you no longer want or need.

Electronics tend to sell off well, so do tools and anything that is practical.

List them online on local classifieds like eBay or Craigslist, add them to your local Facebook Buy, Swap or Sell group or if you have enough things you’re getting rid of, have a full blown yard sale.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can actually sell. I gave myself a challenge to earn an extra $1000 just from selling items on a local Facebook group and ended up finishing the month having made over $2500!

2 – Put Your Skills To Use

You might not be able to pick up extra hours or projects at work, but can you put your skills to use and freelance on the side?

Skills like graphic design and web design are in high demand online and sites like UpWork will allow you to set up your own profile with your skills and your rates and allow people who are searching for you to find you.

Just be mindful of conflicts of interest and ensure you aren’t poaching clients from your boss… that’s never going to go down too well.

My favorite site though is Fiverr. Essentially, you create a ‘gig’ which is an offer for something you can do for someone for $5. You can upsell and add on gig extras too in order to make more money.

The idea is that you do something that is super simple for you to do, but either a hassle or something someone else doesn’t want to do. Gig’s like website reviews, voiceover work and even commenting on blog posts are super popular.

3 – Write About It

Consider yourself to have a little creative flair when it comes to the written word? Share your thoughts and stories! Many sites pay their writers to contribute and some sites are even looking for regular content writers to write for them.

While establishing yourself as a freelance writer might take a little time, there’s no harm in writing a few articles and submitting them to sites like Medium, Newsbreak or the many other sites that pay contributors. Some up to $100 a piece!

You could also check out the ProBlogger Job board that also has freelance writing tasks on it regularly.

4 – Do Odd Jobs For People

Not really sure what skills you could use to earn extra money? Let the jobs come to you. Sites like Taskrabbit allow you to search for people in your local area willing to pay others to do things they either don’t want to or can’t do.

These jobs could range from grocery shopping and running errands, right through to removing a spider from someone’s home or cleaning out gutters. Some tasks like writing a resume or editing a document don’t even require you to leave your house!

5 – Transcribe Video or Audio to Word

Sites, like Transcribe Me, will pay you to transcribe work for their clients, you can even be paid more based on your skills and according to their site, people earn an average of $250 a month! That's an amazing side income. Plus if you’re great at typing and super fast (and accurate) you could earn even more.

It also means you could work from home to earn extra money, or from your favourite local cafe. Seriously, anytime you can drink coffee, eat cake and earn money is a winner for me.

6 – Create and Sell Products

Maybe you’re kickass at organisation and your friends are always asking you to teach them how you do it. Or perhaps you’re a goddess in the kitchen and can make the best brownies anyone has ever tried. Or maybe you love getting crafty and can whip up a baby blanket in an hour that looks like it’s out of a designer magazine.

Whatever your skill is, put it to use!

There are heaps of different ways you can sell and market your products online from creating your own website to selling in Facebook groups, but don’t forget to think local too. Do you have any local markets you can attend and sell your products? These can be quite lucrative and in one day make you a decent amount of extra money on the side.

Plus, you never know where this little side hustle could lead you.

7 – Start a Blog

Okay, to be honest, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to make $500 in your first month of blogging – but this is a long term income stream that you can consider.

Blogging can be such an incredibly rewarding thing to do and, if you have the drive and motivation, can turn into a full time job for you. The possibilities with it are endless and it’s entirely up to you.

There are obviously many things you can do to earn an extra $1000 this month. All you have to do is pick one and just get started right away.

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