6 Crazy Street Names Near Washington DC That Will Leave Any Visitor Baffled

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If you’re visiting or moving to DC for the first time, there’s a chance you will find some streets that have very interesting names. If you’re Washingtonian, it shouldn’t be anything new. But for the rest of us, here are some crazy DC street names and how they came about.

Capitalsaurus Court

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A name like this will make you may think DC mayors are science fiction fanatics. You may be right or wrong but Capitalsaurus is a street in Southeast DC near the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

It got its name when construction workers were laying sewer pipes in 1898. They discovered a piece of bone that looked like a fossil. After tests in the lab, it was discovered to be dinosaur bones.

The street was named in 2000 by the city and January 28 is declared Capitalsaurus day to commemorate the date the fossil was discovered.

Frying Pan Road

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This is a really unusual name for this road in Herdon, Va. It makes one wonder if there were no better names to name this street. The whole area is also called Frying Pan.

The true origins of the name are pretty much unclear. But the name first pops up in Virginia records in 1728. Tourists and visitors always find the name interesting when they pass on their way to Dulles.

Gallows Road

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Gallows Rd like the name suggests has a dark history. Information from Fairfax City library point that, the road actually once led to gallows that executed prisoners. However, that would’ve been over hundreds of years ago, so nothing to be scared of.

Indian Head Highway

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Indian Head Highway is also known as Maryland Route 210 and runs from Potomac Avenue in Indian Head into DC. Recently, lawmakers have introduced legislation that would change the name of Indian Head Highway to President Barack Obama Highway.

Also to note, this highway has a high death toll as it has recorded a high number of accidents.

English Muffin Way

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Why is this road in Frederick, Maryland named after a delicious breakfast pastry? Well because it dead-ends at the Thomas English muffin factory. This would make any curious visitor want to get a bite.

Snickersville Turnpike

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Snickersville Turnpike is a road that runs through the town called Snickersville in Virginia. A name like this would suggest there may be some candy shops full of snickers along the way. Unfortunately, there isn’t any.

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