The Evolving Tales of Date Night

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Before kids, date night is whenever you want. Its an every day thing, that you simply take for granted. You get dressed up, you prepare for the date with both hands, you can listen to music full blast while you curl your hand and do your makeup. Your clothes fit so effortlessly and you feel this weird insecurity with your prebaby body that after kids you will never understand. You can double date and there is no need to coordinate schedules or babysitters. You go out and you drink an obscene amount, and you go dancing and you stay out till all hours of the night, you stop at the hot dog stand on the way home. Heck you even leave your car somewhere to get the next day because the best part -- you do not have to wake up for anyone the next day.

Then you get pregnant, and date nights insist of you asking your partner where in advance, then looking at the menu craving those chicken wings so badly! Then last minute he switches, worst thing for a pregnant women, we will now crave those chicken wings for eternity. You sit at this restaurant watching your partner eat everything and drink a beer and your envious. If you eat that spicy meat your going to get heart burn that literally sends your stomach into your mouth, the waitress can't bring you enough water because your super thirsty. Not to mention by the time you are paying you have peed 4 times and taken 5 tums. Your partner is probably drunk so you are now stuck driving home, and he doesn't even let you choose the radio. Sometimes he even wants to go out afterwards, but all you want to do is go back to the couch and elevate the feet.

Then baby has arrived and you are finally going on your first date night, just you and your partner. You must first find a sitter, pump enough milk for the sitter. Ensure your child naps well all day so that he goes to sleep good for your sitter. Clean your house so your sitter doesn't judge your messy home. Then you will spend 2 hours trying on your clothes because let's face it your closet works like this : maternity clothes too big, clothes that fit are leggings and baggy t shirts, then there are the kinda fit clothes but if you eat won't fit, then there is 90% of your closet that doesn't fit! Thankfully you have an amazing partner who has watched you go through hell and back in the last weeks or months who will love you even if your outfit isn't at all fashionable or matching. You go to the restaurant and stop yourself about 4 times from texting to ask how baby is, you talk only about the baby because let's face it what else do you do all day! You eat so fast because you finally can eat with BOTH your hands.... Then it's time to go home and let's face it you were only gone for 1.5 and still made it home for bed time. But to you it feels like you were gone for eternity, you wonder how will I ever go back to work. 

Then you have to go through all the effort of peeling off those tight pants, scrubbing your face for 10 mins, and then it's time to curl up on the couch. Date night, has really evolved, but for that 1.5hrs when you finally have your partners attention it's awesome and completely worth it! You can finally forgive him for giving you a child who spends 40% of the day, hitting you, biting your nipples and screaming. But don't forget to pay the babysitter!

 Parenthood, it rocks, I simply wouldn't give it up for anything, or how its changed my life.

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