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A year ago I was laying on the couch on my side timing my back labor contractions. I was very insistent on having no drugs and Staying home as long as possible. I lay there waiting for Chris to get home from wwe. When he got home he was ready to drive the hour to the Abbotsford hospital from our home in new west. At the time my contractions were 8 mins apart so I said let's not go yet... 
We decided we should watch the finale of True Detective -- It was extremely hard to watch not because of the show but because of the pain. I decided to have a shower and let the hot water run on my back -- it felt AMAZING! Only then I thought well I can't time my contractions while I'm in the shower so I decided to shave and then get out! Yes I shaved lol! Then I got out and decided to call my mom and argue over what to do with our dogs... [contractions now 6 mins apart] chris decided he would text his dad and let him know he needed to come home the next am, as we had to go to the hospital.- he didn't answer- finally when my contractions were 5 mins apart we gathered are things and got in the car at approx 12:15am.

Chris and I drove in silence. While listening to Eminem. The only thing he asked is which exit he had to take for the hospital. We got to the hospital at 1:15ish. We walked to the maternity ward and very casually were checked in. [contractions 2.30mins apart]. The nurse asked me questions checked my urine and then decided that she would come back and check how far along I was. (I was very upset with her as I found her pushing drugs and I complained to my mom about it). she came back to check how far along I was ... She lifted the sheet and my water broke - I looked at chris and he went completely white. Got up and left the room, nurse following getting him some juice. My mother looked at me and said don't worry I am here, but chris may not be able to do it Chelsea. The nurse announced baby is coming tonight. Now let's check how far you are... I was 7.5 cm! [ contractions now -1.30 apart].

We walk down to our room, entering the same room I watched my nephew be born. After trying to flip The baby it was determined he was coming to quickly and pushing had to commence after having the vacuum placed on my child and pushing his head out my doctor allowed me to pull my baby out, he was immediately taken from us, as he was purple. My mom ran over to the doctors and nurses working on our son and announced " it's a boy" so many tears and excitement. Our Pearce arrived at 2:37 am weighing 7 lbs 5 oz from a drug free labor just how I wanted. He came before my birthday just as I wanted. Completely perfect. 


Here we are... 1 year later. I can't even come to grips with how much time has gone by, how much I have learnt and continue to learn from my child. Being a mom is something I feel completely at peace with. Having Pearce made me complete a happiness I never knew existed. I loved watching him sleep, cuddling him into my body. I love feeding him and when he turns and kisses me for no reason. When I sit at the table while he plays and he runs and hugs me. Becoming a mother is something amazing. Your heart grows a million times in size. A little person who looks back and loved you like no other. I have 1.5 weeks left off work with my son and I am so incredibly sad to be going back to work. It saddens me that I will miss time with him, that he will learn from someone else. I know he will learn so much and teach me. And our time together will be less it will be more cherished. 
I am so thankful to my husband Chris for giving me the gift of Pearce. He is so much of you and so much of me and so much of him. In just a year he has taken my   Once fist sized heart and grew it to be the size of a watermelon and filled it all with him. Pearce I look forward to watching you grow and becoming an amazing Man. You mean so much to me. I love you dearly. 

Happy birthday to the boy who made his parents whole. We love you dearly... 

Here's your first year in pictures... Xo

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