7 Reasons why you shouldn't Go back to the office after Covid

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Since Covid hit, in March, I have not been into the office for work. My last day was March 16th, 2020. As we approach the 1-year mark of working from home, I thought it would be fun, to go over why working from home is so much better than going to the office.

1. Zoom calls do not see below your waist. This is an excellent reason to never wear pants - yes you heard me correctly, also feel free to wear a cardigan over your shirt, so you can accomplish the no bra, professional look as well. Working from home has turned Business Casual into never getting dressed unless you have a meeting. This is a plus because you will save on laundry, save on purchasing work clothes that are uncomfortable, unflattering and frankly unenjoyable to sit in after lunch.

2. There is never a line up at the coffee stationI used to get so annoyed when I'd him up the lunchroom and be 4th in line for the coffee station, and then get the bottom of the pot. Better yet, I am a bit of creamer snob, I like my silk hazelnut brand and now I don't have to write my name on it and nobody but me is using it. Also, you don't have to engage in awkward conversation with the coworker who wears the same clothes every day and wreaks of cigarettes. Also, the only person you can blame for not brewing the pot when it was left empty is yourself.

3. Nobody to shame you over your package deliveries to the office. Let’s be honest all women get their packages delivered to the office to avoid their husbands seeing their online purchases - if you don't your basically not doing life right. Well there is nothing worse than office receptionist judge-y eyes delivering your package. Better yet she claims she's too busy answering phones to bring it down so you have to go up to the receptionist floor and carry your package down to your office to be judged, and asked a million times what you ordered just to get it to your desk! Now that I am working from home, I consider the postal works like the world’s best coworkers, since they’re basically the only people I see during the day. They leave the package at my door, don't ask questions and wave. A co-worker that doesn't speak. I will take it!

4. Let’s talk Disgusting bathrooms at the office. If your office was anything like mine it was shared between a few floors, meaning that people didn't give a crap about what they left on the seat, whether it be a few drips of pee or the other female issue. I get it were all girls, we all know what our bodies do, but for goodness sakes I don't need it to be left as a treat when I go to the bathroom. Now that I work from home, the only person using my bathrooms during the day is myself. Most the time I like to pee with the door open so I can see what’s going on outside for the few short minutes I get away from the computer. Not to mention I no longer must use half a roll of toilet paper to feel like i am wiping myself with a decent piece, because I buy Charmain 4 ply and it’s worth it.


5. Phone EtiquetteWhen I worked in the office our desks were close together, so my conversation was overheard by about 30 people while talking. So now that I work from home it’s an extreme luxury that I can say whatever I want and won't have any judge-y-eyes, or people leaning in to get a good listen. Now the conversation is just between me, the person on the other line and well my two chihuahuas, but they spend most their day sleeping. Also, another perk of working from home, you can eye roll whoever is on the phone and NOBODY KNOWS! You can finger your phone; you can mute it and scream, and nobody can see. Just talk with a happy jolly voice and be ever so polite and nobody knows that on the other line you are simply rolling your eyes, scrolling through your phone or checking your email to see if you've won a jilly box.

6. Bye bye Commute. My commute went from 40 mins, to about 1.5 minutes and that’s the time it takes me to walk from my washroom to my new "home office". No more sitting in traffic, yelling at people for cutting you off, fingering some je*k for not letting you in the lane or fitting for the good parking stall when you arrive. The downfall, gone is my minutes to myself, gone is sneaking to A&W and picking up a root beer milkshake to get me through the commute. I got a car that I absolutely loved because I commuted so far, and now I drive my kid 6 minutes from house to school, and 7 minutes the other way for hockey. Oh, lets also talk about how much I am saving in gas, no more filling up twice a week. No more checking my gas app to see if it’s cheaper at a different station. No more risking driving on empty just to get to my hometown where gas is cheaper. Life is good when your commute is simply walking 32 steps, brewing a pot of coffee on the way, and waking up 8 minutes before your start time.

7. Good for the bosses too Don't get me wrong working from home is great for our bosses too, now they can pretend everyone is their favorite and because we don't see any of our coworkers, talk to them in the lunch room or even go for lunch together anymore we have no idea that anyone is treated different. Not to mention that they no longer must shut their door anymore to not be bothered, now they can just turn their "Microsoft Teams to Busy" and we all keep away. No no Working from home is great for the higher ups too, now when they tell us we have to work till the end of day on holidays, they don't have to listen to us bitch and complain about how brutal they are.

But let’s be honest working from home is pretty amazing, we get be in our comfort zone, getting paid and not being bother by the office. Sure, we'd love to see more people but the time will come and the mail men really do love when you wave at them and ask them how their day is. Plus now you can be at home when your packages arrive, open them, get rid of the box and plant your new purchase in your closet or its new home before you're husband even gets home because well we know he doesn’t really notice. Also when you work from home you can really only get mad at the building maintenance person (your husband), the other tenants who leave messes in your office space (your kids), the pests that bark at the mailman (your dogs) and well of course yourself, because for the 3rd time you forgot to brew coffee and well its been a long day and you need that 5th pot of coffee because you stayed up late watching schitts creek again because you don’t have to drive to work and well now you are far too tired to actually do your job.

If you have any doubts about working from home, let me know, I think I could write a great follow up piece.

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