Why Get Fired and Quit your Job? Great Resignation Unveiled

★ Big bad employees of the world quit in droves for the Great Resignation! - Design or market your next big idea with $500 from DJM: http://djm.design/go/GIFT On this MoneyBru® Show episode, we discuss — The looming, great resignation so much is going on right now that lead to this video. First off let's quickly get through the obvious illness-related event followed by stimulus followed by a supply chain crisis followed by inflation tapering finally resulting in slowdowns. Actually, the big scary great employees fight back and resign out of pure work frustration. Maybe this will solve the gender wage gap. 2022 employee trends are going to be a banger. Honestly, employees are leaving in droves so what does this mean? The goal is to cover unemployment from all angles and provide some ideas for leverage and success when hiring, firing, and finding that dream job. On a side note never-ending T-man blonde hair and his new DWAC Spac news. You may not have work but you have crypto and s

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