My 3 Basic and most important Summer essentials!

Skincare in the summer is so very important to me and probably to everyone out there! This is a time you should be paying extra attention to your skin and what it needs- to prevent breakouts and acne! You need to protect it and keep it in its best shape possible. This is a list of products to keep your skin healthy all summer!

1. Face wash : In the summer you should switch to something that is going to give your skin a proper cleanse. Reach for something that is going to get all the sunscreen, oil, and pollution off from being outside all day! Use this at the end of the night to ensure clean skin before bed. I use Neutrogena, since it works really well on my skin and it feels really light! But use whatever works well for you!

2. Soothing Toner : My favorite is the Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid toner! Rosewater soothes and nourishes the skin, making it perfect after a long day in the sun.

3. Sunscreen : So we all know (hopefully) the importance of sunscreen! You should wear it every single day, sunny or not. 90% of extrinsic aging is from the sun! If you also deal with redness on your face, wearing a good sunscreen will help keep it down. I got this sunscreen online, for really cheap. And I haven't really had much discomfort, I feel its really light on my skin, doesn't make it look heavy and lasts longer!

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