How to do a Manicure at home –5 SUPER easy and fun method!

My go to manicure – its less expensive, I don’t need a salon and I do this by myself!

You will need :

• Nail polish remover

• Nail clipper

• Cotton pads

• Nail buffer

• Cuticle pusher and nipper

• Cuticle remover or cuticle cream

• Hand moisturizer

• A base coat for the nails

• Your favorite nail polish

• A clear top coat

Step 1 : Prep Your Nails

• Cleansing – Make the first move by taking off the remaining of old nail polish. For this, use nail remover and cotton pads and gently sweep it across the nails till they’re no traces of nail polish.

• Soak up – Next up soak your hands in lukewarm water containing either some gentle baby shampoo or Lemon. Soak up for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse off your hands with cold water. Doing so will exfoliate and soften your hands.

• Soften & Trim the cuticles – Firstly, with the help of an ear bud apply “olive oil, cuticle oil or some moisturizer” on the cuticle area to soften the cuticles. Secondly, push back the cuticles very gently with a cuticle pusher. Finally, trim the cuticles with a cuticle remover.

• Clip & File – The final step in prepping the nails are Clipping and Filing of nails. If you want to shorten the nails or want to clip them go for it else skip it by just filing the nails.

Step 2 : Apply A Hand Moisturizer

• Apply a thick layer of hand cream or moisturizer to the hands. Use a moisturizer which contains shea butter. This shea butter will greatly moisturize the skin and keeps it soft so long time. Focus especially on your fingers and the area around your nails

• If you want to apply nail polish then ensure to wipe off the moisturizer from your nails with a cloth or cotton pad.

Step 3: Apply A Thin Base Coat

• Use a clear nail polish as a base coat. You can even use white nail polish as a base coat to make the color of your nail polish pop. A base coat helps the nail polish last longer, trust me!

Step 4 : Apply Top Coat

• Once the base coat is dry, apply a thin coat of your favorite nail polish on top of it. Paint vertical stripes, starting from the base of your nail toward the tip. Before applying another layer, let the previous layer dry.

Step 5 : Finish It Off With A Clear Nail Polish

• Once your nail polish is dry, finish it off by applying another layer of clear nail polish on top of it. This shields the nail polish from chipping or flaking.

• To finish off your manicure, reapply the moisturizer on your hands and nails. Keeping them moisturized is essential to keep them looking healthy.

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