5 Small Indoor Plants that can Bring Beauty to your house!

Small houseplants are a great idea since they can be positioned almost anywhere, will brighten even the tiniest corner, needs very less maintenance and low-lighting.

I am crazy about indoor plants, love the fact that my house looks more natural and when I see around it gets easier for me to breathe with plants around me. Basically I love being a plant mama!

Here are 5 plants that I currently have at my house that needs less maintenance and yet are so beautiful:

1. Peperomia:

Peperomias are lovely small plants with a variety of beautiful leaves. These small indoor plants, many of which have succulent characteristics are easy to care for and look great – and are available in all the areas of my house! They are widely available and generally inexpensive.

2. Hoya :

The Hoya is one of the most adaptable houseplants you can have in your home. A very easy to grow trailing plant that can be displayed in many unique ways – we got the climbers. When they grow in excess, we trim them to the size we want! Its easier that way!

3. Jade :

Jade plants are ever popular due to their attractive looks and easy care requirements. Love how less maintentance it, and fits about perfectly in all the corners of my shelves! They are normally grown as small houseplant. Generally easy to care for, just watch out for overwatering and leaf drop.

4. Pothos :

One of the easiest indoor plants to care for that I know, it is suitable for everyone. I’ve listed this as a small indoor plant, it is capable of growing to a decent size – we let these grow out in the balcony, as it makes it look aesthetic!

5. Snake Plants :

The snake plant is one of the top purifying air plants and you can find this in every corner of all my rooms! Snake plants are produce tons of oxygen at night, making it a perfect plant for your bedroom! Truth be told, you could not water a snake plant for weeks and it would still look happy and perky! Snake plants are very drought-tolerant. One thing you don’t want to do is overwater them – they don’t like to be overwatered.

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