5 Tips to return back to work after maternity

First and foremost we have mother nature who has literally programmed us to feel like we are horrible mothers if we leave our baby. We are abandoning them in a dangerous world. An instinct that was incredibly useful when we lived in caves and had to worry about a sabertooth. These days, it’s a bit overkill.

Returning to a job that asked a lot of you pre-kids will always be daunting. Below are some tips that could help you calm down and take necessary steps :

• Find Quality Childcare: Having a good child care provider in place as soon as possible is going to help ease the mother back into the workplace in a way that allows her to have peace of mind.

• Do a Run Through of your Childcare Dropoff : Milk, clothes, diapers etc all the essentials your baby requires throughout the day!

• Focus on the Part of Work You Love: The sad part is not going to go away but if you focus on what you are looking forward to it will help you get through the day.

• Confidence Pep Talk : You can be devastated to leave your kiddos and be epic at your job. You can be looking forward to time away from your little, you are still an amazing parent. It is not binary.

• Self-Care : Continue enjoying your new role as mom as well as continuing down your career path.

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