Johnson City, TN

I am a freelance writer and would love to help the world in so many ways! Freedom of speech and choice is how I will do so, through my writings ✍ My occupation outside of this platform, I am a caregiver with a regional health corporation. I may write about any concerns that many people have or that I have. I will write about the drug epidemic all the way to homelessness and how we can help. I may uncover stories that are interesting or suspicious. I will also take request in what to write or even a "Dear Michelle" type of forum where I can help on so many things. I want to help you all. I'm a mother, a wife, a sister, a teacher a survivor of domestic, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse and been through or seen it all. Married and divorced, remarried and a mother of three! I'm an animal lover and "laid-back" Christian ✝️ ♥ My heart is pure. Hope y'all enjoy my content!! From JohnsonCity TN Momma always told me; you can't save the world. While sadly trying to disagree, I said, if I help at least one person a day, I'm off to a valiant start!