I can't protect my son and feel like a failure of a mother

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I feel like such a failure as a mother. Despite my best efforts, I can't seem to protect my son from the constant turmoil and pain that life throws at him. Even though his father was never there for us and left us to fend for ourselves when we were sick, my son still loves him and visits him once or twice a month. I can't help but wonder if that has affected him in some way.

Today, when I picked him up from school, my heart sank when he told me that he wanted to harm another kid who had been bothering him. I was devastated to hear that he had been struggling with this problem for some time now. I immediately pulled over and tried to talk to him about the severity of the situation. I explained to him that threatening someone like that is completely unacceptable and could have dire consequences.

When he told me about the other kid who had been constantly calling him names and following him around, my heart broke for him. This other child had been moved to my son's class because he had been bullied and ostracized by his previous classmates. I tried to reassure my son that the boy was probably not all there mentally or had a difficult home life, but I could see the pain in his eyes.

My son is such a good-hearted kid, and it's heartbreaking to see him being pushed to the edge by this bully. I told him how proud I was of him for not giving in to the other kid's taunts and for being the bigger person. But despite my attempts to comfort him, he broke down in tears and told me that he couldn't take it anymore.

I felt completely helpless as I watched him cry. I knew I had to take action, so I called the school to let them know about the situation. The lady in the office assured me that she would speak to the boy's teacher and try to resolve the issue.

But as I drove my son home, I couldn't help but feel like I had failed him. All the hugs in the world couldn't take away his pain, and I felt powerless to protect him from the cruel realities of the world. It hurts me to know that my son has ADHD and struggles with anger management issues. I've been desperately trying to find him a new therapist and an anger management program, but it seems like there are no resources available.

As a mother, I want nothing more than to see my son happy and successful. But the constant obstacles and challenges that he faces make me feel like I'm not doing enough. I don't know if I can ever be the mother that he needs me to be, and that thought is devastating.

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