I feel like I've been living with a roommate from hell

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Over the last two years, I have been living with an unbearable roommate who threatens my cat and forbids me from using any of her belongings, including half of the kitchen counter. She has never cleaned the apartment and constantly monitors me, filming everything I do and sending me pictures of what she considers to be "trash." She cooks at odd hours, making the entire apartment smell like burnt oil. She even threatened me with false accusations when I wanted to bring a friend over.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to move out due to skyrocketing apartment prices in my country, and I am stuck with her until our contract ends in February 2024. The legal system makes it difficult to evict someone or get out of a contract without a lengthy trial, so I am trapped in this situation.

Recently, my roommate woke me up at 3 am because I left my pan on the electric stove, which she uses because she is too cheap to pay for gas. I was furious that she would wake me up over such a small issue, especially since I let her use the stove as much as she likes.

To make matters worse, my roommate refuses to pay the bills on time, and I do not trust her to give me half of the money after I pay with my credit card. I have repeated myself multiple times, telling her that I will pay only after she gives me her share, but she continues to write notes demanding that I pay first.

I am at my wits' end and have even canceled job interviews because my mental state has deteriorated so much. I have anxiety and severe PTSD from my military days, and this situation is making me physically unwell. I have no family to rely on, and there are no affordable apartments available. Even if I did find a new place, I would still have to pay for this apartment until the end of the contract.

I feel like I am going to lose my mind, but there is nothing I can do legally or otherwise to make it better. I am counting down the days until the end of the contract when I can finally move out, even if it means living on a bench in a park.

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