My boyfriend told his mom we were moving in together, and she has been giving me the silent treatment since then

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My boyfriend and I told his mother that we were going to move in together, and she did not take it well. She was upset that he wouldn't be buying a house for the two of them, as she had planned to retire with him. She has been giving me the silent treatment ever since, and even when I greet her, she just walks right past me.

Recently, my boyfriend had some friends over for dinner, and we were having a great time making memories. However, his mother overheard me say "aw look at us, making memories" and somehow interpreted it as me flaunting the fact that I'm "taking him away" from her. This led to a huge argument, and even though my boyfriend defended me, she just got angrier and stormed off.

On my birthday, my boyfriend and I celebrated with my family and had a great day. The next day, I was at my boyfriend's house, and his mother was deliberately avoiding me. When my boyfriend asked her why she wasn't wishing me a happy birthday, she started yelling and calling me lazy and selfish, claiming that I should have helped her clean her house. However, she's a severe hoarder, and I don't think it's my responsibility to clean her house.

I finally had enough and confronted her, calling her out on her behavior and telling her that any logical woman her age should understand that her son will move out and be in a relationship with someone else. She went silent, and I spent the rest of the day crying quietly in my boyfriend's room.

I love my boyfriend, but dealing with his family has been a nightmare. His mother and sister hate me, and it's been incredibly hard to deal with. I've decided not to visit them anymore, and once my boyfriend and I have our own place, they won't be invited. I'm just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and if it gets better. What can I do to protect my mental health while still having his family in my life?

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