8 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Cool Moms

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, everyone. It’s Sunday, May 9, for those of you who need reminded.

If you’re wondering what to tell your husband/wife to get you for your *special day* I have rounded up some creative ideas that aren’t the tired flowers or diamonds or day-at-the-spas. Although all those things (diamonds especially) are nice.

I for one have no shame in asking for gifts. I will never be the one to say things like, “Oh, no, it’s okay, I don’t need anything.” Where is the fun in that? Because we do need things, and we damn well deserve them.

That said…

Here Are 8 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A personal branding photo shoot

If you’re a business afficionado or creative entrepreneur on the rise, what could be better than a personal branding photo shoot? Not only is this a smart investment, it will be oodles of fun to play dress up and pretend you’re a celeb for a day.

A beauty makeover

Whether you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on microblading or you just want good makeup, a beauty makeover is a really cool ask that will lift your mental health spirits for months to come (years if you do microblading).

Maybe you’ve been using the same straightener you’ve had since high school (raises hand). Put it on your beauty makeover checklist. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a fancy blowdryer but haven’t gotten it because you only buy things for your kids. Whatever your beauty wish is, ask and you (hopefully) will receive.

A personal stylist appointment

While I have yet to experience the luxury of a personal stylist, I’m a big fan of people in this profession. Whether you need help cleaning out your closet or have the itch to completely reinvent your look, I would go the personal stylist route because they will get you to your style dreams a hell of a lot faster, and will provide you with lifelong fashion tips that will save you from saying, “I have nothing to wear.”

If not a personal styling appointment, give a subscription service like Nuuly a go. I haven’t done this either, but am very intrigued by the concept, and know from a few friends that it is well worth it.

A vacation with your girlfriends

I feel like I don’t need to explain this one further.

A weekend trip with your partner

This one either. The gift of experience is truly the best gift.

Tickets to a broadway play

Plays are coming BACK. And I am here for it. Check your local theatre listings and book whatever tickles your entertainment fancy. I have an inkling people are going to be rushing back to the wonderful world of The Arts the first chance they get.

A tattoo

Once I’m done with this pregnancy, I’m getting a “Be You” tattoo on my wrist, and a writer tattoo on my other wrist. Tattoos are the ultimate form of rebelling for yourself and serve as constant reminders to do and be whatever you want to do and be in your life. I highly recommend them.

A house cleaner

CANNOT recommend this one enough. My husband and I have a wonderful woman come deep clean our place once every two months, and they are my favorite days. Having someone professionally clean your home is a lifestyle investment well worth it.

Whether your budget lets you do this weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever, everyone in your family benefits from this.

Unsplah by mommy lady

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Recap

  • Personal branding photo shoot
  • Beauty makeover
  • Personal stylist appointment
  • Vacation with your girlfriends
  • Trip with your partner
  • Tickets to a broadway play
  • Tattoo
  • House cleaner

Happy Mom’s Day

There you have it. Let me know what you get. Or what you gift yourself! Happy Mom’s Day to all of the hardworking ladies out there. Embrace the mom that you are, for she is awesome.

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