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Parenting Quiz: What Type of Parent Are You?

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Parenting is a demanding job. There is no way around it and no amount of preparation that allows you to slack off.

Trust me; I’ve tried and read everything.

There are no shortcuts available.

There are, however, many different types of parents and countless ways to cope with these demands. While no two parents are exactly alike, I have found that my husband’s and my coping strategies fall into one of two categories.

While my husband and I both love our children dearly, I realized lately that our Parenting coping mechanisms are entirely different. While we both like to splurge and treat ourselves occasionally, the similarities end there. My ways of treating myself all seem to extend my lifespan, while my husband’s self-care focuses on shortening his, leading me to my categories.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following?

The ‘Just Trying to Survive’ Parent

This type of parent has genuine hopes of life after children. They try to care for their health and wellness as much as they can, hoping to maintain a healthy body (that hopefully still looks good!) so they can truly enjoy all that life has to offer after their children are grown. The ‘Just Trying to Survive’ Parent wants to live as long as possible because life will get easier, right?

Things they spend money on:

  • massages
  • vitamins
  • exercise equipment
  • fitness trackers
  • chemical-free beauty and health products

Things they are obsessed with:

  • talking about early retirement
  • tiny homes
  • planning future vacations

The ‘Just Kill Me Now’ Parent

This type of parent is not always easy to spot. They look just like other parents, just with more of a slouch. You can determine if you are this type of parent by taking a hard and honest look at your habits. Are you actively trying to shorten your life span? You may be a ‘Just Kill Me Now’ Parent.

Things they spend money on:

  • Monster drinks
  • cigarettes/chewing tobacco
  • alcohol
  • skydiving

Things they are obsessed with:

  • telling the kids to get a job (this applies to children of any age)
  • talking about their glory days
  • planning adult night outs

However, you cope with Parenting, make sure you take time for yourself. Treat yourself right! But don’t become the following type of parent.

The ‘Living Life Through the Kids’ Parent

These parents have some unfinished business that they plan to have their kid take care of for them. Maybe they didn’t become the talented athlete or exceptional student that they always wanted to be. Luckily, they had kids that can accomplish all of these goals.

Things they spend money on:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Sports equipment
  • Test Prep

Things they are obsessed with:

  • The amount of their kid’s sport’s playing time
  • Their kid’s grades
  • The future careers that their children with supporting them with

The ‘Everyone is Judging Me’ Parent

This last category applies to all parents. We all have moments where we feel like the best parent in the world and moments where we think we are complete failures.

Parenting is a dance, and as they say in the dance world, “you’re only as good as your last performance.”

While it can feel as a parent that everyone is a critic, remember to trust your intuition and do your best. Kids are resilient. If they have love and support, they will be fine. Remember to enjoy these years and give yourself a break. The kids will be alright.

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