My Husband Is A Good Father

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My Husband Is A Great Father

The pandemic, the disease that halted the world and put everyone in limbo, was the biggest blessing this family ever received.

My husband will never be the silent partner in our family again.

He was given the opportunity of a lifetime, and he took it. He embraced the hands-on role of a dad.

He wanted this from the get-go. It was always his plan to start working from home at some point because he wanted to be with his family. He used to be a lumberjack in the Northwest of Washington and had to travel often, but he worked hard to build connections and set himself up for jobs in high-ranking positions because he thought it would all pay off in the future. We now live in the Oregon woods and it just required a lot of his time to build his empire, which meant I felt neglected.

But the pandemic sped things up for us. He got the best of both worlds — his empire, and his family.

So now, when I see him play with his son, I smile thankfully. I love the jokes that are shared between them and appreciate the moments I have witnessed them experience together. I love the beaming smile of excitement our son gets when his father enters the room.

In fact, I love the beaming smile of excitement my husband gets when his son enters the room.

I love how Andriel relies on his dad for comfort. I love how my son doesn’t care who puts him to bed or gets him up in the mornings. There are some things I only can fulfill for our son because of our own special bond, but generally, both his parents are his rocks.

I am thankful for the fact my husband drags us all out for walks on weekends in the Oregon woods when barely just a year ago, the idea filled him with dread.

My husband is a good father, and I’m going to let him know, even if he doesn’t feel he needs to hear it from me.

I Put Him On A Pedestal

I outwardly appreciate everything in my life. Gratitude is one of the best self-improvement habits you can practice, something I have learned over the last couple of years. So I put my husband on a pedestal whenever I feel thankful to him, and this cultivates love.

When there is an increase in love, there is an increase in energy and happiness in the home.

And you know what? My husband puts me on a pedestal too.

I am a supermum in his eyes.

I run the house and look after our son pretty much full-time while my husband works from home. In my spare time, I write — something which I know I will have more time to invest in once our son is at day-care. But for everything I have done for this family (because I wanted to) — quit my job, become a devoted full-time mother, and work on my own happiness — my husband deeply appreciates.


I agree that all parents should be responsible and step up to the role of parents if they keep their children, whether they chose to be parents or not in the first place. The child is the one who’s most affected by his parents’ choices, attitude and behaviour. So, the expectations should be there. But it doesn’t mean we can’t be appreciative of people who meet those expectations.

So, let’s praise everyone who is simply trying.

Let’s praise all the mothers because although the struggles are real, motherhood brings about resilience and utter strength.

Let’s praise the fathers who do everything they can to be there for their families and normalize great fatherhood.

Everyone who works hard for what they want deserves to be acknowledged, and it is not beneficial to anyone to criticise simply because we are jealous. Let’s just be happier for people so that we can also be happy for ourselves.

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