In need of help with a sassy 6-year-old

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I don’t know what to do anymore. My 6-year-old can be the sweetest thing ever. She can be so caring and nice and generous and all around the best person on the planet; the best kind of person any parent could ask for, but these moments are few and far between. They seem to be getting more sporadic.

Maybe this is partly my husband and my fault because we try to do everything we can to make sure she’s happy, but currently, my daughter is in a corner right now for 11 MINUTES because of her attitude! (We add a minute each time she keeps up her attitude on the way to time out or in) This method has done fuck all, and I’m at my wit’s end. It’s from the moment I wake up she is talking back, demanding things, putting hands on her hips, sticking her tongue out when she’s being talked to, covering her ears when she’s being told something, crossing her arms, and spinning around, so her back is to you when you go to talk to her about something she did wrong, says everything is not fair that’s not going her way, slamming her hands down when she doesn’t get her way, and now has started roughhousing with my laptop keyboard when something isn’t going her way. This happens ALL DAY LONG; the moment I open my eyes to the moment she goes to bed. Sometimes this starts before I even get out of bed.

Part of me thinks, okay, she’s 6, it’s a phase, whatever, but sometimes I don’t know if that’s an excuse, and my husband and I should really sit down and talk about this. I know she’s a kid, and maybe sometimes these things are acceptable, but she is always getting mad over everything that goes against her winning or getting something or in her favor. We’ve tried timeouts, they don’t work, we used to spank, didn’t work, we’ve taken her toys away, it doesn’t work, both my husband and I have sat down and tried talking to her and explaining why it’s wrong, doesn’t work. I don’t know what other option we have. It’s driving me absolutely insane. The behavior so blindsides me, and we have been so stern on manners and respect from the start. I don’t know what more we could’ve done. Her manners are still kind of there, but it’s really her behavior and attitude I’m worried about. Mannerisms I know I will still have to remind her about for a few more years, I’m assuming.

If anyone has even the smallest amount of advice, please, I am all ears.

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