Was I Wrong for Not Placing an Order for My Son at Jimmy John’s?

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So my family has had to eat out the past week due to kitchen remodeling, so we have nothing to cook our food on, and we only have peanut butter and bread because we don’t even have a refrigerator yet.

At 11:30 this morning, I finished up my chores around the house and decided I would make a run to Jimmy John’s.

I announced to my wife, my daughter, and my son that I’m making a trip to JJ’s, and instructed them to pick what they want off the menu and to text me when they made up their minds.

Daughter: wastes no time sending me her order

Wife: It took a bit, but I got her order when I made it to the parking lot.

Son: was in his room playing that damn multiplayer video game, Fortnight or whatever it’s called. I didn’t even bother acknowledging the fact I’m going on a food run.

No worries though, I tried to give him a courtesy call, but I can tell he canceled the call. I send him a text message asking him what he wants at JJ’s.

I get a reply back saying one word: busy.

I respond back with: do you want what I’m having?

This time he sends me a two worded reply: don’t care.

I did one last courtesy call, and again he cancels the call.

I make my way into the restaurant and begin placing the orders, everything from the drinks to whether they wanted chips or not.

Something came over me at the moment, though; my son said he “didn’t care,” sooo I decided to skip placing an order for him. He said he didn’t care, after all.

I swiped my card and waited for the workers to finish the order, all while I was filling up drinks. Then I made my way home.

Conveniently enough, my son was the first to open the box of food when I went back for the drinks. He soon grew suspicious when he noticed fewer sandwiches and chips and fewer drinks than the number of people in the house.

He soon asks in a cautious tone where his sandwich was. I pause a bit and then said, “you told me you didn’t care.”

He looks at me and then tries to explain that he didn’t care what I order for him.

I reply back, saying that his text response was too vague and that I believed he didn’t care whether he got anything or nothing at all.

Soooo my son then realizes that he got nothing and asks if I could go back to place an order for him since he got left out. I calmly tell him that it’s too late for that. Going to the nearest restaurant is easily a 20 minute round trip.

He then pouts a bit and says, “but I wanted a sandwich too.”

So I told him we have bread and peanut butter, and he could use that for his sandwich. He storms off back to his room, where to this minute, he’s been a hermit.

Was I wrong for doing what I did?

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