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Companies Chosen for Climate Tech Accelerator in Tampa Bay

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The Tampa Ba Innovations Centers is beginning another accelerator program this month. The topics will focus on the climate and sustainability industries. Definitely a hot topic in the Tampa Bay area. Over 250 startup companies applied for eight positions in the Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s Climate Tech Startup Accelerator program.

“Several sustainability-focused startups have participated in previous accelerator cohorts. And we believed there would be enough interest to conduct a program specifically for new ventures in this growing industry,” said Ken Evans. He’s the managing director of the accelerator program. “Over 250 startups expressed interest in participating in this program. Representing a wide array of solutions to climate and sustainability issues.”

The program, which is technology agnostic, focuses on companies monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste currently headed for landfills, generating more sustainable sources of energy, and other efforts to assist commercial enterprises and cities and towns with a goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Participating companies

Companies selected are:

Zero Circle–ESG metrics and reporting platform. Its website states, “In the humble shapeless form, the many varieties of seaweed that grow wild in the sea hold the key to unlock the answers to climate change, food scarcity, sustainable packaging and so much more. At Zero Circle, we intend to use this key to create bio-alternatives to products that we use in our daily lives. And enable organizations to create solutions that are perfectly circular and emit zero waste.”

BuildingLensCRE systems management and monitoring, serves small buildings and mid-size buildings, multi-family units and campuses. It is “a software platform that prioritizes occupants’ health and comfort. While maintaining energy-efficient operations in small and medium-sized buildings (SMBs).” The company integrates using vetted existing cloud-based Building Automation Systems (BAS). It provides building owners and operators a new level of oversight and customer-centered information. It focuses on clean and safe indoor spaces.

Hago Energetics–Uses green energy to convert waste into hydrogen. Its solution is to address the problem of global warming on different scales. “We are focused at the outset on green hydrogen production in order to decarbonize hydrogen production.” It has already won two NASA conversion challenge awards.

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Emerald Technology Group–This is an IT and software management company that will focus on integrating sustainability behavior into corporate culture.

Haylon Technologies–This company works to optimize battery storage. It is an energy storage systems management and optimization company. “Data collected from Haylon’s constantly improving smart BMS, paired with novel electronics modeled for long-term battery endurance, allows for the first battery pack capable of intelligently adapting to its environment.”

Connex2X–Optimizing transit to reduce greenhouse gases and improve vehicle safety. “Our mission is to retrofit 1.3 billion vehicles with V2X connectivity to increase safety, reduce cost, congestion and our carbon footprint. We will make vehicles smart, safe and efficient by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect them to everything via the Intelligent Transportation System.”

Laminar Scientific–Uses microgrid electricity generation from wave energy. The company already has a contract signed with a Southeast Asian mining and energy company for $1 million. It has raised $344,000 from the private sector, $144,000 of it through crowdfunding. “With fresh perspectives from aerospace engineers combined with industry veterans, Laminar Scientific is innovating in the Ocean Energy Field.”

TEKMARA–System for high-efficiency AgTech in marine environments. Its motto is “We safeguard the environment.” TEKMARA, which has been 10 years in the making, “utilizes some of the ocean’s best technologies to create dynamic self-healing networks on the ocean. Sustainable ocean ecology with a massive push towards coastal protection.”

What the climate tech accelerator will focus on

Over the next 12 weeks, the companies’ founders will receive training and mentoring. Some topics they will discuss include customer discovery, product strategy, investor readiness, and entrepreneurial leadership.

“Climate tech innovation will be an ongoing focus for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s programming and future resources provided to startup founders,” said Tonya Elmore, president, and CEO of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center. “We anticipate innovations in this sector leveraging innovations in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and other core technologies that are at the center of evolving or disrupting current industry solutions.”

ARK Invest, Duke Energy, PODS Moving & Storage, and others are the corporate sponsors for this program.

Once the 12-week program wraps up, the companies will take part in an in-person TBIC 6th Innovation Showcase. This will be scheduled for mid-April. The audience will consist of investors, community leaders, media, and potential business partners. Customers interested in supporting the various innovations are also welcome to participate.

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