Opinion: Why Has Bud Light Has Been Cancelled?

Mitchell Kay

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Bud Light is a long-standing favorite beer brand that has created memories worldwide for some people. They have been a successful brand that has seen massive profits for many years. However, the company's recent campaign that included Transgender influencer and comedian Dylan Mulvaney has sparked some major controversy.

Since the release of this marketing campaign, Bud Light customers have sparked outrage. Many people have been burning their products, destroying them in grocery stores, and much more. The beer giant has seen an incredible decrease in revenue unparalleled to anything that has been seen before.

The campaign was a very short video of the transgender influencer cracking open a Bud Light can. How did something spark so much outrage? Well, the beer giant's market segment doesn't always align with some of the ideals of diversity and LGBTQ+ rights.

Critics argue that Bud Light is using its platform to promote a political agenda and force its beliefs on viewers. However, others have pointed out that promoting diversity and inclusivity is simply a matter of treating all people with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, or ability.

The backlash to Bud Light's ads highlights the ongoing cultural divide in the United States over issues of identity, representation, and social justice. While some view these ads as a positive step towards greater inclusivity, others see them as a threat to traditional values and norms.

In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if a transgender person drinks a Bud Light? You tell me in the comments below.

Read this article to learn more about my sources and additional information: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bud-lite-inclusive-ads-dylan-mulvaney/

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