The Russia-Ukraine Conflict In A Nutshell

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The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has created a heated discussion amongst people all over the world. Currently, Putin is trying to invade Ukrainian land that he wants to claim as part of Russia, but Ukrainian leaders are not going down without a fight.

Russia has sent missiles, bombs, and troops to various parts of Ukrainian cities. As of now, the President of Ukraine stated that Ukraine still has control over the capital city of Kyiv, but there is still an ongoing battle in the city of Kharkiv.

Putin, the leader of Russia, has appeared in the press many times addressing his reasoning for his attacks which you can read more about below. In the video, he addresses multiple facets of his invasion of Ukraine.

Many public figures in both Ukraine and Russia have utilized their platforms to stand against Russia. Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev wrote the words, "No war please" on a camera filming him during a recent tennis match. This shocked the media and has since gone viral across news outlets and social media.

The devastation that is already taking place will have lasting effects on the country of Ukraine and beyond. Anti-war protests have begun to break out across Ukraine and Russia and will continue across the world. It is unclear if a peace treaty will be made and if violence can be halted. People across the world are calling for a civil discussion among the leaders of Russia and Ukraine, but the future is currently unclear.


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